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Top 14 Neighborhood Amenities in the Downtown Area of Pensacola.

Founded in 1559, Pensacola has become an exciting place to live, work and visit. The downtown core, as well as the neighborhoods surrounding it, are close by and offer many exciting places to eat, play, and explore in a city that claims the title of the Oldest settlement by the Europeans in America. Called the "city of 5 flags", Pensacola was occupied at one time or another by Spain, France, The Confederate States of America, and the United States. It is said that the Spanish General, Bernard De Galvez, who defeated the British in the Battle of Pensacola during the Revolutionary War, was a key part of helping the Colonies defeat Great Britain. Pensacola offers a great variety of food, history, entertainment, sports, institutes of higher learning, arts and culture for its citizens. You can spend hours wandering the many historic streets of Pensacola, of which many are named for important people, both European and American, who helped Pensacola become what it is today. For those who like baseball, one of the best parks in America is located a short walk from the middle of downtown as are several great public waterfront areas for both adults and children. Museums and historic buildings are in abundance in the downtown historic core.

Christ Episcopal Church

The original Christ Episcopal Church is located in historic Seville Square in Pensacola's historic district and was founded in 1832. The congregation moved in 1903 and built a larger church at the corner of Wright and Palafox Streets. Today Christ Church is a vibrant Episcopal parish offering a Christian School for grades K thru 8 as well as one of the most beautiful church architectures in the area.

Joe Patti's Seafood

Joe Patti Seafood Market is one of the best fresh seafood markets in the Country. Located on Pensacola's waterfront close to the new Maritime Park, boats regularly bring in fresh seafood to be displayed and sold. It's a favorite place for both visitors, who can have their seafood packed in ice for travel, or locals who love the variety, quality and low prices. Often Capt. Frank Patti will be carving the beautiful Tuna himself and calling off numbers for the next customer to be served. There is an excellent Deli as well as a Wine Shop. It's an experience that you shouldn't miss whether you are a native or just visiting.

T.T. Wentworth, Jr. Florida State Museum

This striking building, built in Spanish Revival style in the early 1900s, served as the Pensacola City Hall until it was replaced in 1985, when a new city hall was built and this building became the the T.T. Wentworth, Jr. Florida State Museum. The museum houses many artifacts that display West Florida's rich history. It is named after local historian and collector, T.T. Wentworth, Jr. and houses many of his thousands of exhibits and artifacts that he personally collected and displayed for many years at his Historical Museum which was located on Davis Hwy and is believed to have been Pensacola's first Historical Museum. The museum is owned by the State of Florida and is operated by the University of West Florida which is also responsible for maintaining the State owned houses and other historical structures contained in the Historic District of Pensacola that is known as the "Pensacola Historic Village".

Quayside Art Gallery

The Quayside (pronounced "key-side") Art Gallery is an artists' co-op gallery where many local artists display their works. It is located in downtown Pensacola next to the Pensacola Museum of Art, and across the street from Plaza Ferdinand VII. Founded in 1973, it is one of the oldest and largest member-owned art galleries in the US. It contains original fine arts and crafts from the West Florida region.

Vince J. Whibbs Sr. Community Maritime Park

Purchased by the City of Pensacola in the 1980s, this former site of a portion of the Port of Pensacola has become home to an excellent sports venue and is a wonderful waterfront park on Pensacola Bay. It has a bright future in further development to include hotels, a marina, a Rotary Club children's playground, and other attractions. The multi-use sports facility that now sits on a portion of it won numerous awards when completed a few years ago and is home to the Blue Wahoos, an AA team affiliated with the Cincinnati Reds.

First Baptist Church of Pensacola

The First Baptist Church of Pensacola is the oldest Baptist congregation in the Pensacola area, dating back to 1847. The main church building (the congregation's third) is located on Gage Hill at 500 North Palafox Street, across Palafox St. from the recreated site of Fort George, the site of a major battle of the Revolutionary War.

It was organized as the Pensacola Baptist Church of Christ on May 2, 1847 by Alexander Travis and Joseph Mitchell. In 1852 the congregation built its first building on Government Street and the congregation relocated to this current location on Palafox Street in 1894, where the new church was completed in 1895. The church was later remodeled in 1922 and 1956.

World of Beer

The World of Beer establishment in downtown Pensacola is much more than a "watering hole". Offering 500+ beers, the beer connoisseur will surely be happy. With a friendly atmosphere, knowledgeable staff and all those beers, what's not to like!

Seville Quarter

Seville Quarter is a multi restaurant and entertainment facility located in historic downtown Pensacola on Government Street just north of the T. T. Wentworth, Jr. Museum and just west of the Historic District. It contains several separate establishments such as Rosie O'Gradys, Lilly Marlene's, End of the Alley Bar, and Apple Annie's. For many years they have been serving up great food and entertainment. A meeting and event center is also available as is a gift shop where many fine wines and other items can be purchased. The Seville Rotary Club meets in the Rosie O'Grady's room on Tuesdays at 5:30.

Saint Michael's Cemetery

Located in the heart of the Historic District, Saint Michael's is one of the earliest cemeteries in Pensacola. The King of Spain, in 1807, officially designated the land as a cemetery and, although it was initially a Catholic cemetery, people of all faiths have been buried here. The cemetery has many beautiful and unusual head stones and some very famous people, such as Stephen R. Mallory, who was the Secretary of the Confederate Navy, are interred in St. Michael's.

Fort George Park

Fort George was a British fort built in 1778 for the protection of Pensacola, Florida. The Spanish captured it in Siege of Pensacola on 10 May 1781 which was at the same time as the American Revolutionary War.
The fort no longer exists, though part of it was later recreated to mark its original location. This reconstruction is part of the Fort George Memorial Park, which is in the North Hill Preservation District on what is known as Gage Hill. The park is located on the corner of La Rua and Palafox Streets. The photo below shows the view fro the hill to Pensacola Bay today.
The site was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places on 8 July 1974.

Seville Square

In the 18th and early 19th Centuries Seville Square was one of the main gathering areas of the City of Pensacola. Old Christ Church built I 1832, is one of the oldest churches in Florida and sits at the edge of the Square. Today the square is used for many types of festivals and events: A night in old Seville Square, The Seafood Festival and The Great Gulf Coast Art Festival, to name just a few. Many large Live Oaks add a view of the Pensacola Bay make this a great gathering spot even today.

Veterans Memorial Park

Veterans Memorial Park is a 5.5 acre site in downtown Pensacola dedicated to the remembrance of the many wars and battles that the United States has taken part in and those brave soldiers and sailors that gave the ultimate sacrifice. Starting with "Wall South", a memorial to the Vietnam Conflict in 1992, the park today has many memorials from the wars and conflicts that we have had to participate in. It's in a lovely setting with a lake and walking trails that wind through the memorials.

The Graffiti Bridge

Used to be when so called graffiti artists attacked a building or structure the police were called and if caught the perps were in a lot of trouble. A funny thing happened to a railroad overpass in Pensacola though. This bridge became a "canvas" for budding and expert graffiti artists to use to express themselves. Every time you go under it you'll see new messages and opinions. I suppose it's self policing and if someone puts something there that would be offensive the someone else covers it up with their thoughts!

Plaza De Luna

Once the site of the Pensacola Municipal Auditorium on the Bayfront, in 2007 the present waterfront park was built and named for Don Tristan De Luna, who founded Pensacola in 1559, years before St. Augustine. With its circular drive and parking along the waterfront at the south end of Palafox St. it is a popular attraction. Also contained in this park is a water feature called a "splash pad", consisting of dancing waters that children can play in.

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Top 14 Neighborhood Amenities in the Downtown Area of Pensacola.