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Schools Overview in Paradise, NV

Paradise offers various options for general education from PK to the 12th grade, including public, private and charter schools. Have a look at the ones I've selected for you in this tour.

Trinity International Schools (K-12)

Trinity International Schools (private) serves 120 students in grades K-12. It is coed, religious and Christian affiliated.

Trinity High School is licensed by the State of Nevada Department of Education and is accredited by the Northwest Association of Colleges, Schools and Universities. It is an independent, co-educational, non-profit, private school focused on offering students, K through 12, a Christian learning environment.

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Mt Olive Lutheran School (K-8)

Mount Olive Luteran School (private) serves 59 students in grades K-8. It is coed, religious and Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod affiliated.

Mount Olive Evangelical Lutheran Church and School of Las Vegas' mission is to bring people to Christ and unite men, women and children in the faith and worship of the Word of God.

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St. Viator Catholic School (PK-8)

St. Viator Catholic School (private) serves 670 students in grades PK-8. It is coed, religious and Roman Catholic affiliated.

St. Viator is a school committed to offering a safe and Christian environment to its students, as well as a sound Catholic education and the gospel message of Jesus Christ. St. Viator School is an Accredited Coeducational Catholic Parish School through the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.


McCarran Child Development Center (PK-K)

McCarran Child Development Center, located in Las Vegas, Nevada, is a preschool that enrolls 37 students.

McCarran Child Development Center is an affordable private school for young children that provides high quality child care.

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Montessori Visions Academy (PK-12)

Montessori Visions Academy (private) serves 146 students in grades PK-12. It is coed, Montessori and Nonsectarian affiliated.

Montessori Visions Academy is a college-prep school, offering students the academic and social skills needed to become successful college students.
The school focuses strongly on the Montessori teaching method. Montessori refers to a special teaching method developed by Italian physician and educator Maria Montessori and characterized by an emphasis on independence, freedom within limits, and respect for a child’s natural psychological, physical, and social development.

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Omar Haikal Islamic Academy (PK-8)

Omar Haikal Islamic Academy (private) serves 157 students in grades PK-8. It is coed, religious and Islamic affiliated.

Omar Haikal Islamic Academy (OHIA) prides itself as being a school that upholds a true love of Islam and provides a rigorous academic program. OHIA only accepts Muslim students.

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Challenger School - Silverado (PK-6)

Challenger School - Silverado (private) serves students in grades PK-6. It is coed and Nonsectarian affiliated.

Challenger School - Silverado is part of the Challenger Schools network, which comprise 22 campuses in California, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, and Texas, with more than 10,000 preschool to 8th grade students enrolled annually.

Challenger focuses on the core disciplines: reading, composition, math, and history.

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K O Knudson Middle School (6-8)

K. O. Knudson Middle School (public) serves 1284 students in grades 6-8. The school has a 7/10 GreatSchools rating.

K. O. Knudson Middle School's mission is to help all students achieve academic excellence through a safe and stimulating environment with the integration of arts and technology throughout the curriculum.
The school is home to such clubs like: Art Club, Band Club, Basketball Club, Bowling Club, Choir Club, Chess Club, Folklorico, etc.

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J M Ullom Elementary School (PK-5)

J M Ullom Elementary School (public) serves 687 students in grades PK-5. The school has a 5/10 GreatSchools rating.

The J M Ullom school's mission is to provide a safe and student-centered environment with the help and support of the community. The school is dedicated to helping each and every student reach their academic potential and achieve civic responsibility.

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Coral Academy of Science Las Vegas (K-12)

Coral Academy of Science Las Vegas (charter) serves 1200 students in grades K-12 . The school has a 9/10 GreatSchools rating.

The Coral Academy of Science is a school dedicated to providing an excellent academic and social college preparatory environment. The school promotes maturity and social responsibility alongside a rigorous academic program.
The Coral Academy of Science has a strong focus on science and math with technology integrated throughout the curriculum.

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Roberta C Cartwright Elementary School (PK-5)

Roberta C. Cartwright Elementary School (public) serves 716 students in grades PK-5. The school has a 8/10 GreatSchools rating.

Cartwright Elementary's mission is to build community through academic excellence, social integration and respect, as well as overall kindness. The school is dedicated to assuring students receive the knowledge, skills and attitude required to achieve further academic continuation.

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Charles Silvestri Junior High School (6-8)

Charles Silvestri Junior High School (public) serves 1533 students in grades 6-8. The school has a 8/10 GreatSchools rating. The school has received a "Five Star" ranking under the Nevada School Performance Framework rankings, which means the school has been deemed high achieving, with students passing state exams above the state average.

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John C. Bass Elementary School (PK-5)

John C. Bass Elementary School (public) serves 905 students in grades PK-5. The school has a 7/10 GreatSchools rating.

John C. Bass Elementary School offers a stimulating academic environment as well as a focus on extracurricular activities and parent involvement. The school offers such extracurricular activities like: Ceramics sculpture, Chorus, Drawing and painting.

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Steven G. Schorr Elementary School (PK-5)

Steve Schorr Elementary School (public) serves 842 students in grades PK-5. The school has a 7/10 GreatSchools rating.

Steve Schorr Elementary School offers a nurturing and safe environment, aimed at helping children learn and be creative in a diverse world.

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Schools Overview in Paradise, NV