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East Hill, a Wonderful Place to Live in Pensacola

East Hill is one of the early "suburbs" of Pensacola. Beginning in the late 1800's Pensacola started growing to the north and northeast. Today this is a vibrant mix of homes of various types and ages as well as a rich assortment of schools, churches, shopping and parks that are close to Pensacola's historic downtown. It is one of the most desirable areas to live in Northwest Florida.

Cathedral of the Sacred Heart

East Hill contains many possibilities for worship. The Cathedral of the Sacred Heart has been there for many years and operates a school as well. It is also the seat of the Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee.

Bayview Park Boat Ramp

Bayview Park is the largest city owned park. In addition to tennis, picnic areas and lots of green space there is a public boat launch into Bayou Texar, which allows access to Pensacola Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.

Bayview Park

Bayview Park is the largest city owned park and is located on the shoreline of Bayou Texar, a large residential bayou that connects with Pensacola Bay east of historic downtown Pensacola. In this waterfront park you will find a boat ramp to Bayou Texar, tennis courts, picnic areas, trees and lots of green space.

City Grocery

Nestled in the heart of East Hill is a small strip center featuring several types of businesses. One of them is a combination grocery store and deli. In addition to grocery items they sell quality wines and you can smell their pig roasting for miles away! They have a free wine tasting every Friday night from 5 to 7 and fresh pork daily!

St Christopher's Episcopal Church

St. Christopher's Episcopal Church is located in the northern part of the region known as East Hill. Part of the Anglican communion, St. Christopher's parish and church provides a quiet place of worship and operates a children's pre-school for ages 1 - 4.

Tower East Group, Inc.

The Tower East Group owns the building that once housed Pensacola's Sacred Heart Hospital. Build in the early part of the 20th century, the hospital was the first major hospital in Pensacola. It moved to North 9th Ave in the 1960's and the old location was sold. Today it contains professional offices as well as restaurants and the East Hill Christian School.

O'Zone Pizza Pub

Nestled in the old Sacred Heart Hospital building on 12th Ave you'll find Ozone's Pizza Pub. Renowned for their pizza pies, they also serve great beer, calzones and salads. On Sundays they offer all you can eat Spaghetti.

N B Cook Elementary School

The new N B Cook Elementary School got its start as A V Clubbs middle School which was built in the 1200 block of East Lloyd Street. Originally a high school, it was converted to a grammar school after 1916 and then later became a Jr. High or Middle school. The original structure was demolished in 1995 and the current modern structure was built.

The East Hill Yard

Another restaurant nestled in the old Sacred Heart Hospital building on 12th Ave is the East Hill Yard. They have a nice open air setting with stage for entertainment when the weather cooperates as well as an inside area with a nice wine shop.

J's Pastry Shop

J's Pastry shop is in the same strip center as the City Grocery and has been a fixture on 12th Ave in the heart of East Hill for many years. You'll find the best cakes, cookies, and all forms of pasties available. At one point a few years ago the original owners announced they were going to close and retire. The area raised such a fuss that they waited until they found a buyer that promised to continue and offer the same high level of service and quality that been provided for many years by the original owners.

Jerry's Drive In

Jerry's Drive In was, at one time many years ago a real drive-in. The years went by and Jerry's lost the drive-in part but kept the best, the food! Jerry's is a well known watering hole and cheese burger establishment as well as great Meatloaf on Thursdays. This part of the East Hill area of Pensacola is known as "East Pensacola Heights" and is located on the east side of Bayou Texar.

Apple Market

In business in East Pensacola Heights for many years, the Apple Market is a very nice neighborhood grocery store & deli that carries a wide variety of products. They have a great deli where you can take out a variety of salads as well as many hot dishes and other prepared foods. Selection of fruits, vegetables and other grocery items is very good. They recently expanded their store size to be able to bring the widest variety possible.

Pensacola Private School of Liberal Arts

The Pensacola Private School of Liberal Arts was established by William J. Holston in 1969 and has been responsible for providing outstanding and unique education ever since. Located on the 2nd floor in the south end of the old Sacred Heart Hospital Building at 1010 N 12th Ave.

Bayou Texar Boat Ramp

Not only does Bayou Texar offer boaters and water-skiers a great environment to play but it also is a bayou of Pensacola Bay and through that body of water, to the Gulf of Mexico. The Bayou Texar Boat ramp is a lovely and large park area in which to launch your boat and park your vehicle and trailer for the day and is operated by the City of Pensacola.

Krispy Kreme

For many years the Krispy Kreme Doughnut Company has produced wonderful smells coming from their 9th Ave and Cervantes Streets location. When the "hot doughnuts now" sign is illuminated then you can be sure that you're about to receive some great doughnuts. Every neighborhood should have one!

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East Hill, a Wonderful Place to Live in Pensacola