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Top 14 Neighborhood Amenities in Greenfield, Pittsburgh, PA

Greenfield is a neighborhood that was formed on land purchased in 1759. It is a nice quiet neighborhood, close enough to what Pittsburgh has to offer. The neighborhood is populated by friendly people, mostly families with children. All things considered Greenfield is a great place to live in. Let me show you around the neighborhood with this guide.


Hough's is a great place to go for a drink in the neighborhood. They have one of the most extensive selection of beers in the city with about 60 of them on tap. If you feel lost about which one to choose you can always get to taste some of them in smaller glasses before settling for one you like. The food is nothing special, just the usual pub grub. The service is good and the atmosphere is great, there are also TVs for sports. Sometimes during games it gets really crowded, but it is totally worth it.
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Big Jim's

Big Jim's is a restaurant and bar that offers great American and Italian food. It is often quite full, and due to the small number of employees you may have to wait some more time for your food, but it's worth the extra wait. The food is absolutely delicious and comes in very large portions, at a surprisingly low price. It is a good idea to share at this restaurant because there's no way that you are going to be able to eat their huge portions all by yourself, so come with friends or family for a nice dinner that will literally make you feel full.
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Conicella Pizza

Conicella Pizza offers one of the best pizza in the neighborhood and in the city. The place is small with no sitting, but they deliver or you can take your pizza yourself. They don't have much of a menu, however anything you may order will most certainly be very good. After eating their food once you will most likely come for more. Just remember they only take cash, but if you are already there, there's an ATM across the street, so don't worry.
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Copper Kettle Brewing Company

As the name suggests it Copper Kettle Brewing Company is a brewery, but not any brewery. Here you can brew your own beer. You can choose from a great variety of beers to brew, or if you don't know all that much about brewing, just tell the staff what would you like to get, and they will help you with the ingredients. The entire process takes around 2 to 3 hours, where you mostly have to wait so it is a good idea to grab a beer and some food at Hough's in the same building. After you're done brewing you have to plan for a second visit after 2 weeks for bottling your beer. You also get to design the label to put on the bottles. This is a very fun activity which I recommend to everyone.
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Giant Eagle

Giant Eagle offers a variety of fresh produce, packaged foods, meats and others. The prices for some products may be a little higher than usual, but if you are pressed for time or do not wish to drive outside the neighborhood this is a good place to shop for your groceries.
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Magee Playground

Magee Playground is a neighborhood park that has something for everyone. The park has a pool, field house, play area, tennis and basketball courts and also softball fields. Locals go there to play or watch a game or simply to have a nice time with friends or family.
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Schenley Park

Schenley Park is a large municipal park located between the neighborhoods of Oakland, Greenfield, and Squirrel Hill. The park is made up of 300 acres donated by Mary Schenley in 1889 and another 120 acres that the city subsequently purchased from her. Another 36 acres were acquired at a later date, bringing the park's total size to 456 acres and making it the second largest municipal park in Pittsburgh. Schenley Park features a grand entrance, Schenley Plaza, and several miles of hiking trails and a large lake in Panther Hollow. Across from the Phipps Conservatory & Botanical Gardens is Flagstaff Hill, a popular place to watch outdoor movies in the summer. The park has 13 tennis courts, an all weather running track, and a soccer field. There is also an ice skating rink, public swimming pool, and an 18-hole disc golf course nearby. Schenley Park also contains the Schenley Park Golf Course. The golf course includes an indoor practice facility where golfers can play a "virtual" round on Pebble Beach and other famous courses.
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St. Rosalia's Church

The community of St. Rosalia's Church has been around for nearly a century. The nowadays parish was formed from three different parishes, all with their traditions that where integrated into the current one. The people in the parish come from various places and experiences. The community accepts them all and makes them feel welcome.
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New Life Church of God

New Life Church of God is a relatively new congregation that had it's beginning in 2002. The church organizes various worshiping activities, biblical studies and other gatherings. It also offers spiritual healing and biblical counseling to those who need help and advice. The church's mission is to reach every person regardless of race, color, gender, age or background and bring new life into their lives.
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Greenfield Elementary School

Greenfield Elementary School is a PreK-8 school that attracts students from six communities from around Greenfield. The school has a very diverse student population making it a culturally balanced school. The school is registering constant progress which is proved by the results at exams. The school staff considers that all students can learn and achieve. Besides academics the school offers various sports programs. Greenfield Elementary School works together with various institutions and programs in order to ensure the best academic experience for students.
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St. Rosalia Academy

St. Rosalia Academy is a Catholic co-educational institution that seeks to provide an environment in which students can become aware of their potential and value as individuals. The academy enrolls students from PK3 to 8th grade. The school directs its efforts to provide excellence in education and commitment to Christian Values. Several student activities are available at the academy, centered around faith.
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Brightside Academy

Brightside Academy was established in 1992 and focuses on early education and school readiness. The academy's curriculum is directed to offer individual development at an early age in the areas of reading, math, communication and exploration. The academy serves infants, toddlers, preschool and school age children. The academy offers a safe and vibrant learning environment with professional and dedicated teachers who prepare the students for a lifelong learning experience.
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Kokoroshin Karate Association

Kokoroshin Karate Association offers karate classes for kids helping them develop their self-confidence, self-discipline and self-worth. Classes are offered by Sensei Karen who teaches the kids the Japanese martial arts from the lowest level to the highest, white belt to black belt. Classes are designed to keep children active and engaged in class. Besides the fact that they will be able to defend themselves in case such a necessity arises, the kids who learn karate develop leadership skills, have a better academic performance, are more respectful of their parents and others, have a better coordination of movements and a greater power of concentration.
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Murray Avenue Apothecary

Murray Avenue Apothecary offers the best medication and beauty products in Pittsburgh. They keep up with the latest trends in holistic treatments and compounding. They have a state-of-the-art lab on site where they compound the products to obtain individualized medication for you or your pet. Before giving their clients the medication they require they take into account all their unique sensitivities, allergies, and dietary requirements in order to give medication that will have the optimum effect. This is the only green pharmacy in Pittsburgh and also the best Pet Pharmacy in the city. No matter the kind of medication you may require for you or your pet, you are most likely going to get the best option here.
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Top 14 Neighborhood Amenities in Greenfield, Pittsburgh, PA