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Top 21 Neighborhood Amenities of Tower Grove South, St. Louis, MO

Tower Grove South is a neighborhood that was formerly known as Oak Hill. The majority of the neighborhood was built following the extension of streetcar lines from downtown St. Louis. Commercial development in the neighborhood is concentrated on Grand Boulevard in the east and Morganford Road in the west of the neighborhood. There are also scatterings of commercial and mixed use buildings on interior intersections. During the 1990s through the present, the neighborhood has been reversing a slow decline with the widespread rehabilitation of residential, commercial, and mixed use structures. The Grand Boulevard business district on the eastern flank of the neighborhood was the first urban business district in the neighborhood to see rehabilitation and new pedestrian scale construction. After 2000, the smaller Morganford Road business district on the west side of the neighborhood has also seen substantial reinvestment in the form of new restaurants, bars, retail, and a neighborhood scale storefront grocery store, specializing in Natural foods and locally grown foods. Take this guide to visit the top 21 amenities in Tower Grove South.

Dunaway Books

Dunaway Books is a bookstore dealing in used, rare, and out of print books. The store has a vast collection of all kind of books from children's books to specialty books. The store is well organized, the bookcases and sections are labeled making easier to find the books by topic. Whatever you may be looking for you will most certainly find it here. And besides buying books, you can also bring in your old books and get quite a nice price for them.
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St. Louis Public Library

The St. Louis Public Library is a municipal public library system. It operates sixteen locations around the city. The library was founded as a members-only private library in 1865 with a collection of 1,500 books. It was opened to the public in 1874 and reestablished as a publicly supported free lending library in 1893-94, by which time the collection included 90,000 books. By 1938 the collection included 900,000 items, and by 2014, 4,600,000 items. The library has a children's section, neighborhood specific material, and offers various services, including access to computers with high speed Internet.
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The Vine Mediterranean Cafe and Market

The Vine is a cafe with an adjoining market that deal in Lebanese food and products. The Vine has a large variety of tasty Mediterranean dishes, and all of them are halal and there are also several vegetarian and vegan selections as well. All of their dishes may be taken to go. The cafe has plenty of outdoor seating on their patio. The market carry a large selection of products that cannot be found at the other grocery stores. They also have various common and hard to find spices, rice, grains, and nuts. Their bakery offers fresh baked pita and many other baked products and sweets.
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Local Harvest Grocery

Local Harvest Grocery is a store that offers everything local. The store sells the best local produce, meats, dairy products, coffee roasts, baked goods, dry goods, a lot of local and organic goods, and home and body products. They also have many prepared foods made at the Local Harvest Cafe out of the freshest local products. The prices may be a little higher than elsewhere, but they are worth it.
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Flex Fitness Studio

Flex Fitness Studio offers various yoga and group exercise classes meant to enhance the participants fitness goals. Flex Fitness Studio offers a broad program for everyone. They achieve the results that are needed through various styles of dances and different level yoga classes. The studio is well managed and taken care of the staff is friendly and engaging and the prices are affordable.
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King and I Restaurant

King and I Restaurant offers Thai home cooking dishes that are not likely to be found in many places outside Thailand. While the restaurant is specialized in cooking native to Central Thailand the menu also contains a few specialties from Southern and Northern Thailand. The food they serve is absolutely delicious and the service great. If you are craving some Thai food this is the place to go for you.
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Royale is a popular neighborhood restaurant and bar. It serves some of the most delicious food around and amazing desserts. Their drinks list is really huge and they have the greatest variety of them: beers, cocktails, wines, and spirits. It has both indoor and outdoor seating and their indoor is smoke-free. Free WiFi is also available, and that along with a nice atmosphere and good service makes it an enjoyable place to have a meal or just grab a drink with friends.
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Southtown Pub

Southtown Pub is a bar that has been around since 2009. It offers great BBQ food and plenty of drinks. They have 33 different beer taps and a really large choice of American Whiskey. The bar has a nice patio that is very popular in summertime. It is also equipped with TVs on which you can watch any of your favorite sports. The atmosphere is great, everyone feels welcome here. Their staff is friendly and quick, and there is plenty of place for everyone on the two floors of the bar.
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Marian Middle School

Marian Middle School is a Catholic middle school for girls in grades 5 through 8. This is the only all girls middle school in St. Louis. The staff of the school is experienced and consists of certified professionals who are assisted by volunteers. The school offers an alternative for economically disadvantaged students. Marian Middle School accepts girls of all religious, ethnic, and racial backgrounds and provides an educationally challenging environment for them. The students follow a rigorous academic curriculum supplemented by additional classes such as dance, music, leadership, and cooking.
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Fanning Middle School

Fanning Middle School is named in honor of Rose Fanning who was a Saint Louis educational pioneer. The school has rigorous standards of education and creates a positive atmosphere for its students. The student population is very diverse, there are actually 19 languages that are spoken by the learners. The school accepts all of the cultural differences and strives to understand them in order to promote a better integration and a high quality education.
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The Home Depot

The Home Depot is a store that deals with everything related to home improvement. Beside a large variety of all possible kinds of items they also offer truck rental, key cutting services, and tool rental. You may be easily lost among the aisles of this store, but luckily their staff is friendly and can easily show you where to find exactly what you need.
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Zollinger Furniture Co

Zollinger Furniture Co. deals in handcrafted furniture. The furniture produced by Zollinger Furniture Co. is of the highest quality and is made by master craftsmen with great experience. Besides selling new furniture they can also repair your old one, especially if you have a piece that has a special sentimental value for you. Here you can give your old furniture a new life. Their inventory changes quickly, so if you see something you like and would like to purchase, you should not wait too long to do so.
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Meyer Bedding

Meyer Bedding is a 5th generation family owned company that manufactures and sells mattresses and box springs of a high quality at affordable prices. The company has been in business since 1900 and has been continuously providing high quality service and products ever since. Their prices are lower than at similar stores and their products have an increased durability. And besides selling ready made mattresses they also take orders for custom made mattresses for vintage beds, pet beds, recreational vehicles, and adjustable beds. They see their mission as providing St. Louis families with a good night's sleep, so why not go for it?
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Hartford Coffee Company

Hartford Coffee Company offers a variety of coffees for all tastes. Besides coffee they also have several breakfast and lunch options. The place has a play area for kids, so that their parents could have a cup of coffee while the toys there keep the children busy. There is also a quiet room at the back, if you want to get away from the noise in the front room. Both the food and the coffee here are absolutely wonderful, just pay them a visit and you will not regret it.
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Three Monkeys

Three Monkeys is a restaurant that is quite popular with the locals. It has a cozy setting and is a good place to have a bite or a drink with friends. The service is good, the prices are right, and the food is delicious. They are open until late at night, so in case you want to have a late dinner this is the place for it. The staff is friendly and accommodating and you will have a great time there.
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The Dam

The Dam is a fast food establishment that use local seasonal produce and ingredients in preparing their food. This is a counter type fast food and you get the choice to either eat at their counter or to go to the bar next door. Their food may not be very healthy, but it is really good and paired with a drink from the bar is even better.
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G & W Meat & Bavarian Style Sausage Company Inc.

G & W Meat & Bavarian Style Sausage Company Inc. is the place to go if you want high quality meat products. They sell a large variety of German sausages and wursts and for each visitor they give a free beer. They also offer their services to hunters: they will process deer meat for you separately and create your product of choice. They deliver their products to several establishments around St. Louis, so there is a high probability that when you order bratwursts somewhere in the city you get theirs. If you go to G &W don't forget to ask for their Landjager beef stick, it is their local specialty, and it is delicious.
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Uncle Bill's Pancake & Dinner

Uncle Bill's Pancake & Dinner is an eating establishment that specializes in pancakes. While the decor may not be much and appears dated, the food is good, the service is fast, and prices are low. Uncle Bill's stays open 24/7 so if you suddenly get hungry at 3 or 4 am you can head there for an early breakfast or a late dinner.
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McDonald Park

McDonald Park is a 3 acre park in the center of Tower Grove South neighborhood. The park has a soccer field and a softball field. There is also a playground and a pavilion. It is possible to come here for a walk with you dog and there is a steep hill on one end of the park that can be used for sledding in winter.

Tower Grove Park

Tower Grove Park is a 289 acre municipal park adjacent to the Missouri Botanical Garden. The park features 11 pavilions of picturesque design, most dating from the Victorian era, which provide shady rests from which visitors can enjoy the many lovely views and tables and benches for picnics. The landscape includes a lily pond and formal plantings; the Piper Palm House, a bandstand, the site of music and other special events; as well as tennis courts; a wading pool for small children; open expanses of green; softball diamonds and soccer fields; paths for walkers, joggers, and cyclists, and tall specimen trees and a great variety of bushes. The park is a well-known birdwatching area, particularly during the spring and fall bird migration seasons.
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Missouri Botanical Garden

Although the Missouri Botanical Garden is not really part of the neighboorhood it is an interesting place to visit with children. Missouri Botanical Garden was founded in 1859 and is one of the oldest botanical institutions in the United States. The Garden is a center for botanical research and science education of international repute, as well as an oasis in the city of St. Louis, with 79 acres of horticultural display. It includes a 14-acre Japanese strolling garden named Seiwa-en; the Climatron geodesic dome conservatory; a children's garden, including a pioneer village; a playground; a fountain area and a water locking system, somewhat similar to the locking system at the Panama Canal; an Osage camp; and Henry Shaw’s original 1850 estate home. It is adjacent to Tower Grove Park, another of Shaw’s legacies. The Garden is a place for many annual cultural festivals, including the Japanese Festival and the Chinese Culture Days by the St. Louis Chinese Culture Days Committee. During this time, there are showcases of the culture's botanics as well as cultural arts, crafts, music and food. The Japanese Festival recently began to include sumo wrestling, adding this sport to taiko drumming and kimono fashion shows.
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Top 21 Neighborhood Amenities of Tower Grove South, St. Louis, MO