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Top 12 Neighborhood Amenities in Sunrise, Florida

There are plenty of things to do down here in Fort Lauderdale. If you like to shop, the Sawgrass, Broward, and Coral Springs Mall are great places to start! If you like to eat, there are plenty of restaurants throughout the city to choose from. If you like the beach, there is Miami Beach about 20-30 minutes away, Fort Lauderdale Beach, and Hollywood Beach as the main attractions for those who love the ocean!

Sawgrass Mills

One of the biggest shopping malls in the world. It covers all the high end and all the famous consumer brands in retail, electronics, and more! There are fast food and other restaurants located within the mall. Various activities are held inside the mall and don’t forget the famous regal cinemas and other parcel stores. You can literally buy anything you need from here!
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I 595 Express

The main highway that links to all the major cities of Fort Lauderdale going all the way south past Key West or all the way north past Georgia. It also intersects with I95 to connect directly into specific boulevards for convenience. It will also help you get to work a lot faster is you travel south to north or vice versa.
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Welleby Park

Welleby Park is one of the largest parks in the City - and one of its most utilized. They offer yearly events for the residents. They have a gigantic playground for all the kids and are the home to the arts and crafts festivals. You can take a walk around the whole park which is about 1.23 miles, on its beautiful paths. It’s great to enjoy with friends or by yourself on those lazy Sundays!
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Sunrise Police Department

One of Florida's finest law enforcement agencies, making the city of Sunrise one of the safest cities in Florida. The Department protects and services the Life and Property of our residents and staff are well trained to adapt to any hostile activity, or anything as simple as rescuing a cat! You will feel safe with them around that's for sure!
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Best Buy

One of the world's best and well known electronics superstores - it has everything you ever need for all your electronics! There is one in the Sawgrass Mills and right across is the main superstore where you can always find what you’re looking for!
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24 Hour Fitness

One of the most popular and biggest gyms in the sunny city of Sunrise. It has a full length full sized indoor basketball court, a racquetball court, group exercise room for those late evening cardio classes. Couldn't ask for a better gym with all the amenities right in the middle of the sunrise area!
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P.F. Chang's

If you love Asian inspired dishes, come check out P.F. Chang's at the Sawgrass Mills!! Great place to have a night out with your friends and family and enjoy all the delicious Asian food and exotic drinks that they have to offer. The choices are endless and you might even come back more often than you think!
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Welleby Elementary School

Do you have a young child ready to start their school experience? Well, in Sunrise the well known Welleby Elementary School is the perfect school for them to learn and make new friends, along with all fully certified staff and numerous school activities to keep the children safe and busy while learning!
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T-Mobile Sunrise

If you're a technology buff looking for the latest in technology and connected services, phones, tablets and communications, there is always T-Mobile with their extremely fast reliable 4G service and awesome data plans to keep you connected to the world! Come check them out!

Regal Cinemas Sawgrass Stadium 23 IMAX Movie Theater

Looking to take the family, friends, or significant other to watch the latest and greatest movies to hit the big screen in either standard HD or HD 3D? The most popular theater and one of the biggest theaters in FL is located right in the city of Sunrise! You can buy all the food and drinks you heart desires!
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BB&T Center

Official homes of the Florida panthers! This huge indoor area boasts all sorts of events besides hockey like musical performances by some of the most famous and well known artists in the music industry, basket events for NCAA, ceremonies, corporate events, charity events, and more!
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Publix Super Market at Welleby Plaza

All your food items in a one stop supermarket shop! All the groceries, deli and bakery items. They even have their own organic selections along with all your favorite food items, drugs and prescriptions!
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Top 12 Neighborhood Amenities in Sunrise, Florida