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Top 12 Neighborhood Amenities in City Center, Idaho Falls, ID

This guide is meant to show you around the neighborhood City Center in Idaho Falls. City Center is a suburban neighborhood populated mostly by families. Most of the population has an above average income and is employed in executive, management, and professional occupations. An interesting fact is that most of the homes are occupied by owners rather than people who rent, thus indicating stability in the neighborhood.

MacKenzie River Pizza, Grill & Pub

MacKenzie River Pizza offers tasty, creatively prepared food in a great ambiance. Their pizza is really good and they have a nice selection of beers. Besides pizza they also have other unique and appetizing items on their menu. The atmosphere is fun and family friendly and the staff is quick. All things considered this is a nice place to go and have a bite or grab a beer.
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Double Down Betting, Sports Bar and Grill

Double Down is a sports bar that offers great food and a large selection of beverages in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Their food is prepared out of fresh local products and is very tasty. The place has large screen TVs to watch any kind of sporting event you may be interested in. Besides all this Double Down is the only place in Idaho Falls for live gaming and betting. If luck allows it you may actually leave carrying more money than you came with. Just give it a try.
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Stockman's Restaurant

Stockman's Restaurant is a popular establishment that serves the best steaks in Idaho Falls. Their menu contains a lot of great food and they even have some vegetarian dishes. For drinks they have a good choice of beers and wines. Add to this a great environment and prompt service and this is a great place to go for a good meal.
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Bella Vita Bistro & Coffeehouse

Bella Vita is a nice place to go to have a cup of good coffee. They offer several types of coffee for all tastes and all are very good. Bella Vita also offers a few breakfast and lunch options. The staff there is nice, the atmosphere is great, and they also have outdoor seating where you can also take your dog.
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Love at First Bite

Love at First Bite offers a great variety of sweets of all types and sizes. This is a real treasure trove for those with a sweet tooth. All their products are high quality and fresh. If you want something sweet this is the place to go to for getting it, but be advised everything here looks so good and is so delicious that you may end up spending everything you have on you. So take care.
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Town & Country Gardens

Town & Country Gardens is a store dealing in everything related to gardening. They have seeds, flowers, trees, shrubs, fertilizers, and all kind of gardening supplies. If you are into gardening you can find everything you may need here.
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Ryder Park

Ryder park is a nice neighborhood park where you can have a pleasant walk or a picnic. Besides the picnic area and the pathways for walking the park has a nice pond that is open for fishing year round. The park is the newest one in Idaho Falls and was established on land donated to the city by the Ryder family.
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First Evangelical Lutheran Church

First Evangelical Lutheran Church was created more than 110 years ago, thus being one of the oldest religious communities from the region. The church building has not always been where it is today, it moved here only in 1996. This is the third building of the church. The church's motto is “Praising Our God and Loving His People” and this is also its mission, The church accomplishes this by organizing and managing various projects and activities. The community gathers at the church for worship, praying, and Bible study. The church welcomes all visitors and those who wish to join the church.
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Christ Community Church

Christ Community Church is a Christ-centered community who proclaims Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. The community meets for worship on Sunday morning at 9:30 am and at 11:00 am. The church promotes the word of God through ministries for youth, singles and families, and also various Christian education programs. The church welcomes all those who wish to join and will encourage and support those who chose to follow the word of God.
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Sunnyside Elementary School

Sunnyside Elementary School is a K-6 institution that has as its mission to educate all students to their highest potential and set the base for future education. Sunnyside Elementary is a school with strong parent and community support that creates a solid foundation for academic knowledge. The school also has a number of clubs for extracurricular activities, such as Chess Club, Tennis Club, Robotics Club, Anglers Club etc.
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American Heritage Charter School

American Heritage Charter school is located in the renovated building of the New Sweden School that was built in 1927. American Heritage Charter School offers a free patriotic education for children in grades K-9. The school creates a dynamic learning environment exposing students to a wide base of history, geography, science, art, literature, computer skills, music, math, and language arts. The school has only one class per grade which allows the staff to know every student, and the students to know the teachers and the other students.
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Army Surplus Warehouse

Army Surplus Warehouse deals in a wide range of various items from military memorabilia and clothing to guns. The store has everything for your camping or hunting necessities at a lower price. Their staff is really helpful and the customer service is great. Don't hesitate to visit this store, you may be surprised at what you can find here!
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Top 12 Neighborhood Amenities in City Center, Idaho Falls, ID