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Top 10 Neighborhood Amenities of Village West Neighborhood, Fargo, ND

Welcome to the Village West Neighborhood! It is located in one of the cities with the highest growth rate in the state, the city of Fargo, and the area itself has a lot to offer: green spaces, churches, nice restaurants and stores. But it is best known for its School District that has taken top honors in multiple competitions. And as well, for its special venues, such as: Big Iron, Nite to Unite and West Fest.

Village West Park

Village West Park located on 9th Avenue is the biggest park of the area. It offers many recreational options, including a basketball court, a multipurpose field, a picnic table, a playground for children, trails and restrooms. One of the many assets of the park is its Dog Park, with fenced areas for dogs to run, play and socialize. There are benches for the owners, and water fountains and shelters for the pets. The Dog Park is open from down to dusk during the whole year, in spite of good or bad weather.
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Marcus Century Cinema

The Marcus Century Cinema is the premiere entertainment venue that every person should visit. It features 10 state-of-the-art auditoriums showing the latest new releases, and not only the recent movies to come out, but also unique content events such as: simulcast live concerts, sporting events, the New York Metropolitan Opera and so on. Its select auditoriums feature digital sound, stadium seating, and RealD digital 3D. During new crowded releases, additional parking can be located right across the street.
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Barnes & Noble Booksellers

The Barnes & Nobles bookstore offers a huge selection of books, brought from all around the world. Magazines, books, ebooks, music, DVD, Blu-ray – whatever your heart desires. But the greatest benefit of this place is that you can enjoy your book at their cafe, with a cup of coffee or tea or with some delicious treats. And if you have any questions or concerns, the staff will always be there to help you. This place is perfect for you to sit back, read and relax.

Hours: Monday – Saturday: 9am – 10pm; Sunday: 12pm – 9pm
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Having six operating locations in Fargo, this store has always been loyal to the city and to its customers. They have the freshest products and are constantly working on improving and expanding their selection of goods. And if you don't feel like going out shopping on a cold day, then you should try their On-Line Delivery service. This store is not only famous for its products, but also for its private brands, such as: Equaline, Wild Harvest and Culinary Circle. Open 24 hours, 7 days a week.
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Osaka Sushi & Hibachi

Osaka Sushi & Hibachi has earned its title as one of the best sushi places in the area of Fargo, thanks to its great presentation, quick service and great food. For a fair price you can get a nice portion of steak or sushi; and you can choose either of the Sushi or Hibachi slightly dimmed rooms, to enjoy your meal in a relaxing atmosphere.

Hours: Monday – Friday: 11am – 10pm (break from 2:30pm to 4:30pm); Saturday: 12pm – 11pm; Sunday: 12pm – 10pm
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Epoch Coda

Epoch Coda is considered one of the best nutrition lounges in Fargo, keeping loyal and flexible about the hours with their clients. They offer a large variety of tea and shake flavors. It doesn't only host healthy drinks and treats, but also lots of fun events, like live music, poetry night and many charity venues. You never know what event to expect next, but still it will surprise you in a very good way and you will definitely want to come back.
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Krolls Diner Inc

Kroll's Diner, also known as the “North Dakota experience” is famous amid the locals for its quick service, good food and HUGE portions. The classical diner offers lots of “grandma” specialty dishes, for a great price. Be sure to try out the breakfast items, as they're the most renowned ones among the locals and the visitors. The place is open 24 hours so you can always walk in and try something tasty.
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Walmart Supercenter

In the Walmart Supercenter, you can find everything, at quite a reasonable price. And you can always rely on the employees whenever you have trouble finding something you need. It is quite easy to get lost in this massive store and its choice of products. It is considered to be one of the largest and most organized Walmart stores in the state. Open 24 hours, you can get food, grocery, clothes, furniture and many other things to get your cart full.
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Gate City Bank

Gate City Bank is set to make your financial life easy, convenient and rewarding, so their customers can enjoy a better way of life. They offer high-quality checking, savings and loan programs, scholarships for high school seniors and so on. They've built this trust over decades of experience and service, and the bank's loyal and friendly employees are always there to help you.

Hours: Monday – Friday: 9am – 6pm; Saturday: 9am – 1pm
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Holy Cross Catholic Church

Part of an ecumenical church formed of two parishes, the Holy Cross Catholic Church of West Fargo strives to serve God and the community, and believes that the issues dividing people are far less significant than those that unite them. The two parishes, including the Holy Cross have joined in dedicating the ecumenical bell tower that physically connects them. Daily Masses are held from Monday to Friday at 12:15pm.
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Top 10 Neighborhood Amenities of Village West Neighborhood, Fargo, ND