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10 Great Neighborhoods to Live in Glendale, CA

Glendale, Ca is divided into 33 distinct neighborhoods divided by washes, streets, and mountain ranges. Each neighborhood enjoys its own distinct history. Glendale was named the "Jewel City" by Edward V. Emery in 1910, because "it sparkled like a jewel in the sun". Nestled among our quiet neighborhoods lie examples of the great architects like Lloyd Wright, Arthur Lindley, and Rudolph Schindler. Homes in Glendale include custom built Spanish Colonial, Mediterranean, and Tudor Revival Style. In the central portion of the City, urban living at its finest with many condominiums, all within walking distance to great dining, entertainment, and world class shopping.

El Miradero

El Miradero loosely translates to "watchtower" or "vantage point". The neighborhood is apptly named as it overlooks the San Fernando Valley and offers many of the residents great views of the Verdugo Mountains to the north and Griffith Park to the south.


Grandview neighborhood is named after Grandview Avenue and it is the Anglicized translation of El Miradero. Grand View first appears in city documents in 1921. The area offers a variety of lovely homes, condos, and apartments.


Glen as in Glendale and Glenwood means "Valley". Glenwood is named after the path that in 1871 was used as the dividing line between land grants made to family members of pioneer Jose Verdugo. The neighborhood enjoys an exciting mix of homes from single family to large estates.


Enjoy hillside living with easy access to the city center. This neighborhood enjoys many 1920 era homes and were contructed on the western slop of the Verdugo Mountains, offering spectacular views of the downtown area.

Verdugo Viejo

Verdugo Viejo is located in the heart of old Glendale. The historic Casa Adobe Park is the last home of the Verdugo family and is in the center of the neighborhood. The neighborhood is home to both long time residents and commuting professionals.


Rossmoyne was named by Judge Erskine Mayo Ross who farmed the area. He built his home at the mouth of Verdugo Canyon and named his estate, Rossmoyne. The elegant neighborhood is primarily made up of single family homes, whose resident include many folks from the entertainment industry.


Greenbriar is remembered by long time residents as Dead Horse Canyon. They re-named in the 50's, Greenbriar is a wonderful development of modern homes. The access is via the beautiful palm-lined Royal Boulevard. Drive through history and arrive at modern.

Verdugo Woodlands

Verdugo Woodlands is nestled in historic Verdugo Canyon and began as a subdivision in 1919. Cooling canyon breezes enticed early Angelenos to build vacation retreats in the canyon. Glendale's Verdugo Park is one of the neighborhoods place to escape.

Montrose Verdugo City

This use to be cattle country before discovered as a great retreat area for Angelinos looking for a break from the valley heat. Residents today enjoy a variety of housing opportunities as well as their own little villiage of hometown merchants. Throw in a couple of great resturants too.

City Center

City Center Glendale is the home of a strong financial base. Development in Glendale includes walk communities allowing residents to live, work, and play in great community settings. New apartments are going up and the the Americana at Brand offers luxury apartments for rent, and great townhomes for sale along with great shopping. The downtown area offers great dining adventures with a diversity of ethnic foods, all within walking distance.

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10 Great Neighborhoods to Live in Glendale, CA