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Top 12 Secret Surfer Spots in Sunset Beach, CA

Whether you are a die-hard surfer or just a chill beach bum, Sunset Beach has the hottest spots for a laid-back type like you! There is an infamous pub crawl down the "green-strip", annual Art-Festival and neighborhood parties at the Volunteer Fire Station, and great eats that only the locals will tell you about it. No matter where you venture off to in the city, Sunset Beach will always bring you back to your surf-cat roots.

Captain Jack's

Captain Jack’s is a nautical-themed steak & seafood full-dining restaurant on Pacific Coast Highway in Sunset Beach. It opened on June 25, 1965 and is the brainchild of Jack and Jeanette Haley. The former is a local legend and surfing hero who grew up in Seal Beach. In 1959, he won the inaugural United States Surfing Championship and, eventually, was entered into the Surfing Walk of Fame and the Surfers’ Hall of Fame. For many years, Jack was an active member of the local community, serving as a Seal Beach lifeguard and volunteer police officer. Despite the lack of experience, he went into restaurant business and bought an old, vacant building, fitted it with the used equipment and, with the help of fellow surfers, opened a restaurant. Several of his friends followed suit and also opened restaurants along the coast, such as Chart House, Rusty Pelican & Ancient Mariner.
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Mother's Bar

Mother's Tavern - contrary to what the name may suggest - is an old honky-tonk joint still present in Sunset Beach. It also goes by the name "the little red tavern", and is nearly as famous as "Cheers". The bar has a character of its own with all those dollar bills and ladies' undergarments stuck to the walls and peanut shells adorning its old wooden floor boards. The music theme here is just as rich, courtesy of the good old jukebox playing rock, country, and, on some occasions, even new hits as well, much to the delight of local patrons that cheer and dance all night through. On weekends, they host live rock gigs which draw crowds of easy riders who pull in on their hogs and park outside the front door. Regardless of the event, every patron is almost guaranteed to have excellent time at the Mother's.
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The Castle House

This three-level 8,000 square foot building, complete with parapets, turrets & Gothic arches, indeed resembles a huge toy castle. It occupies probably the best spot in Sunset Beach, standing on the sand in Huntington Beach. Owned by Rich, the inventor of chiropractic bed, this 21st century "Medieval" structure is highly practical and comprises six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a beach-view spa, a dry sauna, a "semi-floating" staircase," and a gourmet kitchen. It also features handcrafted woodwork and incredible beachfront views. Although branded as "ideal for romantic realists," it is really hard to imagine anyone but a cartoon character living here; however, the asking price of $10.8 million suggests otherwise.
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The Water Tower

This 'Tower' house is a three-storey 85-foot reconstructed replica of a historic Water Tower. The architectural design of its exterior matches that of the interior. From the top floor opens a stunning 360 degree view of the Pacific Ocean, Huntington Beach, Huntington Harbor and the San Gabriel River. Topping the roof is a stained glass 'copula'; the centerpiece of the top floor is a round table - 7 feet in diameter - with a 42' diameter fire pit in the middle. Also, there's a large 175 gallon fish tank. The second floor accommodates two master bedrooms with built-in furniture, circular bath with revolving walls, and stained glass accent lighting. The first floor houses a kitchen and a sitting area with a spiral wooden staircase leading all the way up to the top floor. The ground floor is clad in marble and granite and has skylights. Just above it is an open area with a patio which also provides a terrific view of the surroundings. From the ground level to the first floor runs an elevator.
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Taco Surf

This stylish cantina offers traditional Mexican fare, including tacos - reputedly, the best fish tacos around, burritos & other regular tucker complete with good drinks and live music. The atmosphere is cool and in keeping with a surf theme. Anyone with a taste for great Margaritas is welcome!
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Don the Beachcomber

This fun diner with a great deal of Hawaiian character is the brainchild of the guy named Ernest Raymond Beaumont Gantt. Originally from New Orleans, he arrived in South California in the early 1930s. After several years of living in LA, he found a freshly vacated tailor shop just off Hollywood Boulevard, which he bought and converted into a bar. Gantt went on to decorate the place in South Pacific style with various knickknacks, old fish nets and parts of wrecked boats gathered from the beach, calling it appropriately - Don the Beachcomber. If Hula dancing, tropical drinks, and live music sound like your kind of fun, head this way!
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Daimon Sushi

A fun and crazy sushi diner with live music, DJ, and after hours party fun! After 9pm the back room turns into a crazy party with flying food, shots, and all kinds of craziness not suitable for children.
Discover one of Huntington Beach's secret hot spots and enjoy an evening of excellent food, fine drinks, and great fun.

Your choice of sushi, teppan-yaki, or Japanese fusion-style cooking from steaks prepared at your table to sizzling fish platters. Start off with a scrumptious tempura appetizer or one of our deliciously unique sushi rolls
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Surf Liquor

They have a fantastic wine selection! All kinds and prices. Collectible and some to just take home for the night and enjoy. Mark the owner is very knowledgable about his selections and is great with picking something out you will love.
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King Neptunes

J. King Neptune's is a bar in Sunset Beach. It's as divey as they come, and features a guy named Father who lets people sleep on his couch for free—the couch is so famous it even has a Facebook page in its honor. Tip: Order the inexpensive crab legs, and wash them down with a bunch of beer and Coke.

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9th Street Surf Spot

Best surf spot in Sunset Beach. It is always packed because the swells are the best and the area for surfing is most desirable. LOCALS ONLY

Go out from 9th street straight to the ocean and you will see the dip where the swell is best. There is a lot of competition for a spot in the best areas so go early and steak out your spot.
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Huntington Harbor Yacht Club

Since established in 1965, HHYC has provided venue for numerous local charity and other on and off water events, including boating events and fun cruises. The club runs a sailing school for kids, well known as the Huntington Beach Sailing Foundation, and has been actively involved in many social functions prompting many non-boat owners from the local community to join in. Among such are public holiday gatherings, Friday evenings at the Club's bar with a view of Catalina Island, and a fancy dinner in HHYC spacious dining room. Particular note deserves the HHYC Sunday Brunch. New members are always welcome!
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Secret Spot

This spot is anything but secret among the local vegan and vegetarian community. The diet-conscious folk flock here in their numbers to indulge themselves with wonderful healthy eating and drinking options that Secret Spot offers in abundance. Particularly famous are their smoothies and Sunday Brunches. Local surfers fancy the place just as much for a good healthy tucker before or after a surf - not instead of!!! The crowd gathers pretty fast, so early arrival is highly recommended.
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Top 12 Secret Surfer Spots in Sunset Beach, CA