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Top 10 Life Amenities in Kettering, OH

Kettering is a cute suburb of Dayton city, Ohio. With the population currently standing at around 60,000 and growing, Kettering is the largest suburb of Dayton. It carries the name of Charles. F. Kettering, the most distinguished local citizen, renowned philanthropist and the inventor of automobile self-starter. Kettering is particularly noted for its very good school system which, in turn, renders it an ideal and much sought after destination for families with kids.

Fraze Pavilion

Also know as the Fraze, this place is a wonderful park, but also a theater for live performances. Every season, important and well-known artists come to this area to perform. If you are in the area, don’t miss the show.

Trader Joe's

This is the only location in the Dayton area, thus don't miss it! If you are craving international food, cheeses or good wines, this is the place to visit. The store also offers a wide selection of organic and natural items.

Marion's Piazza

Based in Dayton, this chain was established in1965 by Marion Glass. At the moment the company has 9 active restaurants in the Dayton area.
The pizza style is unique: they cut small square slices. Since it’s opening, the chain has been awarded for 23 of the title of “Best Pizza”. The chain is so popular that annually they sell pizza for over $10 million.

Rosewood Arts Centre

This Centre offers creative art programs for Kettering residents. Annually there are over 380 classes for adults as well as young people. The Centre has specific and personalized facilities such as black and white darkroom, ceramics, glass and jewelry studios. Furthermore, Rosewood Arts Centre features gallery exhibitions, theater performances, artist studios and special events. Every year, approximately 100,000 visitors pass by Rosewood Arts Centre.
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Kettering Aquatics & Water Prk

Among the fitness and wellness facilities, Kettering also offers an external pool. Resident and non-resident can have access, either via a seasonal pass or a single pass. The pool features two slides, a baby pool shaped as Mickey Mouse, an adult pool and a small waterfall. Shades areas are available for picnic and rest.

Kettering Fitness and Wellness Center

Kettering offers a well-organized and well-inclusive recreation center. Passes are for sale for both resident and not resident, with a difference in price. The complex has a gymnasium, ice-ring, wellness classes (Zumba, TRX, and much more), a run circle, internal swimming pool, sauna and hot tub. A babysitter service is also available for a low rate.

Dayton Metro Library - Kettering-Moraine Branch

Among Kettering infrastructures, there is a well-updated library. Residents can check out several books at no costs. This library also offers computer stations and personalized staff that can help you in specific research. An area for children, including book and playground, is also available.

Indian Riffle Park

This park is a must see. Besides featuring a sledding hill and picnic shelters, the park has the award-winning “Playground for All”- an innovative playground that allows kids with disabilities to play alongside other children.


Founded in 1934 by a Dutch immigrant, this supermarket chain was ranked No. 19 on Forbes' 2014 list of "America's Largest Private Companies". The store has a wide selection of fresh meats and vegetables. For this reason, it has a strong clientele. Furthermore, the store sells furniture and clothing.
If you are searching for a specific vegetable, visit this store, you will find it.

Mamma DiSalvo's Italian Ristorante

If you are carving Italian food or you need a specific ingredient for your old grandmother’s recipe, you have to visit Mamma di Salvo. The store offers a wider variety of Italian ingredients, including pasta, Christmas and Easter special cakes, wines and much more. Next to the shop, there is the restaurant. You have to try it, to have an Italian trip in Kettering, OH.

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Top 10 Life Amenities in Kettering, OH