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Top 22 Neighborhood Amenities in Matthews, Bozeman, MT

This guide is meant to show you around the Matthews neighborhood. Matthews is a suburban neighborhood made up mostly of medium sized to small single-family homes and small apartment buildings. Due to the fact that is is close to Montana State University, and to its walkability there are many students who choose to reside here.

Bridger Brewing Company

Bridger Brewing Company is the right place to go if you want to taste some really good beer. But beer is not the only thing they serve, they also have very delicious pizza and combined with one of their beers it makes this place a must stop for a bite and a drink. They also have a selection of salads and a few specials. The atmosphere at Bridger is great, so is the service, the staff is friendly and the prices are reasonable.
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Rosauers is a grocery store that offers a large selection of produce, meats and bakery of the highest quality. The store's range of products includes everything from gluten-free to vegan to ethnic and organic. They carry products that are hard to find elsewhere and their prices are fair. The staff is helpful and quick, making your shopping here enjoyable.
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Cafe Zydeco

Cafe Zydeco is an establishment specialized in serving authentic Cajun food. Cafe Zydeco is a must try for those who want something different, hearty, and flavorful. Their Jambalaya and Po' Boy sandwiches are absolutely delicious. They also have a nice wine bar with a decent selection of wines to make your meal more enjoyable.
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Granny's Gourmet Donuts

Granny's Gourmet Donuts is a small shop that offers the best donuts in Bozeman. The donuts come in a great variety with various toppings, and they are always fresh. The owner is a nice person, he will help you find the right type of donuts for you in case you have no idea which one to choose, he even let's children sprinkle their own donuts. A visit to this place will change your idea about donuts forever. But before heading here make sure you have cash on you as this is a cash only establishment.
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Storm Castle Cafe and Catering

Storm Castle Cafe is a family owned restaurant close to Montana State University. They serve some of the best and largest burritos in Bozeman, in fact all of their food is real good, and comes in huge portion sizes. They use only the freshest ingredients to create their dishes and some of them they source themselves. The food is good, the atmosphere is nice, and the staff is friendly. All of these are meant to make you return here again, and again, and again.
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Town & Country Foods

Town & Country Foods is a store close to the MSU campus. The store offers fresh local produce, a large selection of meats, and one of the largest selection of beers and wines in the city. But the selection is not limited by what is on the shelves, they also have a wine cellar with a huge selection of the best wines. The store also has a deli that offers various menu choices for breakfast and lunch. Town & Country Foods is a good place to shop for your groceries, however the store's layout is a bit confusing.
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Sola Cafe

Sola Cafe is one of the best eateries in Bozeman. Their food is prepared mostly with organic local ingredients. They have seasonally inspired dishes and their chefs create some of the most delicious food in the city. But this is not all of it, they also have a special gluten-free, vegetarian, dairy-free and low-carb menu, so regardless of your dietary needs they can meet them. The atmosphere at Sola is great, the staff is friendly and service good, all the more reason to pay a visit.
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Helen E. Copeland Gallery

Hellen E. Copeland Gallery is the main contemporary art gallery on MSU's campus, and the largest gallery space in Bozeman. The exhibitions showcase everything from graduate and undergraduate thesis exhibitions to national and international exhibitions of contemporary art and design.
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American Computer Museum

The American Computer Museum is a museum of the history of computing, communications, artificial intelligence & robotics. It was founded in May 1990 by Barbara and George Keremedjiev as a non-profit organization. The museum was originally intended to have been located in Princeton, New Jersey, but the location was changed when the founders moved to Bozeman. It is likely the oldest extant museum dedicated to the history of computers in the world. The Computer Museum in Boston opened first, but it closed in 1999.
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Museum of the Rockies

The Museum of the Rockies is a museum originally affiliated with Montana State University in Bozeman, and now, also, the Smithsonian Institution. The museum is known for its paleontological collections, although these are not its sole focus. The Museum of the Rockies houses the largest collection of dinosaur remains in the United States, possessing the largest Tyrannosaurus skull ever discovered, as well as the thigh bone of a Tyrannosaurus rex that contains soft-tissue remains. The museum's collections focus on the physical and cultural history of the Rocky Mountains and the people and animals who have lived there, and date back more than 500 million years.
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Spire Climbing Center

Spire Climbing Center offers over 6000 square feet of roped climbing and 2200 square feet of bouldering. It is a good place to workout for both professional climbers as well as for beginners. Each week there are new routes and boulder problems. The staff at the Spire Climbing Center is friendly and helpful and the equipment is well kept and clean. Whether you want to train or just to check out rock climbing head to Spire and you will be welcome.
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Roland R. Renne Library

Roland R. Renne Library is the academic library of Montana State University. It is the flagship library for all of Montana State University System's campuses. It was named Roland R. Renne Library in 1978 to honor the sixth president of the university. The library supports the research and information needs of Montana's students, faculty, and the Montana Extension Service. Montana State University Library's collections include: books, e-books, digital media, multimedia, government documents, special collections, university archives, microform, and electronic and print academic, literary, and scientific journals and magazines.
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Resurrection Parish

Resurrection Parish is a Catholic Christian Community that was originally founded to serve the students of Montana State University. Nowadays it also serves the people of Bozeman and Gallatin Valley. The church invites everyone to begin a loving relationship with Jesus Christ and his church. The parish has various community outreach and religious education programs, and also offers services like baptisms, weddings and burials.
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Bozeman Church of Christ

Bozeman Church of Christ is a Christ-centered church that tries to follow Christ's teachings in serving God and encouraging each other. The church assembles every Sunday morning for worship, prayer, fellowship, reading of scripture and practical Bible teaching. The church also organizes various programs for children of all ages. The community creates a friendly and informal atmosphere so that everyone could feel welcome and at peace among the other believers.
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Grace Bible Church

Grace Bible Church is a non-denominational church that believes in the Bible and follows and worships Jesus Christ as the Head of the church. The church community believes in the absolute authority of the written Word of God. The community is friendly and welcomes everyone who wishes to join it. The church organizes Bible studies for various age groups with qualified teachers for each group.
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Evangelical Free Church of Bozeman

Evangelical Free Church of Bozeman is a Christ-centered community of people who have the mission to glorify God. The church was formed in 1973 as part of the Evangelical Church of north America, but later it was decided that it would serve God's Kingdom better if it joined the Evangelical Free Church. The community welcomes each and everyone who wants to join, regardless of their background and walk of life.
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Dance Kinexion

Dance Kinexion is a dance school offering classes in various dance styles. The school offers both public classes and private instruction. Whether you need to learn to dance for a special occasion or simply intend to enhance your dancing skills at Dance Kinexion you can get both. They have an accelerated learning method that allows anyone to quickly gain confidence in their dancing abilities.
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Montana Bible College

Montana Bible College opened in 1987 out of the desire of Christians to have an institution were they could pursue Bible-based education without having to leave the state. The college offers a one-year certificate program and a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies with six distinct concentrations among which are Missions, Biblical Counseling, and Christian Ethics and Culture. The mission of Montana Bible College is to train up men and women for a dynamic Christian life and service.
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Yellowstone Montessori Academy

Yellowstone Montessori Academy is a private preschool that opened in November 2007. The school offers Montessori education to children aged 2.8 through 6.5 years. The program is directed to enhance the fulfillment of each child's greatest potential. The school accepts all children regardless of race, color, religion, disability or national origin. In fact one of the school policies is to promote a diverse community of children, parents and teachers with various backgrounds.
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Montana State University

Montana State University is a public university and is the state's land-grant university and primary campus in the Montana State University System. MSU offers baccalaureate degrees in 51 fields, master's degrees in 41 fields, and doctoral degrees in 18 fields through its nine colleges. Almost 15,300 students attend MSU, and the university faculty numbers, including department heads, are 743 full-time and 411 part-time. MSU is the national leader for Phi Kappa Phi Graduate Fellowships and is among the top ten institutions in the country for recipients of Goldwater Scholarships. The university's main campus in Bozeman is home to KUSM television, KGLT radio, and the Museum of the Rockies. MSU provides outreach services to citizens and communities statewide through its eight Agricultural Experiment Stations and 60 county and reservation Extension Offices.
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Headwaters Academy

Headwaters Academy is a private middle school serving students in grades 6 through 8. The school emphasizes a low student to teacher ratio by limiting the number of students to 14 for each class. Headwaters Academy provides a nurturing and supportive academic environment, and, due to the small class sizes teachers often take their students to the mountains, rivers, and simply out in the community in order to provide them with a special educational experience.
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Human Development Clinic

Human Development Clinic is offering low cost counseling and mental health services to the community and staff and students of Montana State University. The clinic's staff is made up of faculty and graduate students of the counseling program within the Department of Health and Human Development at Montana State University. The clinic is meant to be a training facility for graduate students and they are supervised by licensed mental health professionals. Don't hesitate to visit the Human Development Clinic should you need their services, the staff there take their job seriously and are professional about it.

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Top 22 Neighborhood Amenities in Matthews, Bozeman, MT