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Top 10 Hippest Places to be a Hipster in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, CA

Silverlake (and Atwater Village and Echo Park) is the hottest place to live and hang out if you are a uber-hipster who's on the cutting edge of everything food, fashion, and lifestyle ( oh and especially music!). Come hang out at the vegan hot spots, sip the top of the line coffee, and pick up next seasons or last decades "threads". If you are ontop of your music trends, this is the place for you. So leave your car behind, grab a bike, and wear your coolest vintage shades.... see you out there!

Intelligentsia Coffee

On August 17, 2007, Intelligentsia opened its first store outside of Chicago at Sunset Junction in Silver Lake, a district east of Hollywood in Los Angeles, California. Intelligentsia has opened two additional stores in the Los Angeles area, in Venice and Pasadena. In 2013, Intelligentsia opened its first store in New York City inside the High Line Hotel The second New York City location opened in June 2014, inside the Urban Outfitters in Herald Square. This is the first location to offer a full food menu. A 2008 decision to stop serving 20-ounce coffee and espresso beverages in stores was met with controversy. Zell stated that the proportions are altered at such large quantities and certain drinks become watered-down, arguing that 20-ounce drinks end up "masking and adulterating the pure, intense flavors we work hard to source, roast and produce. We don't want this to just be a caffeine delivery device."
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Elliott Smith's Figure 8 Wall

The Elliott Smith mural was first featured on the "Figure 8" album that was the last released before Smith's death. After his apparent suicide, the "Figure 8" mural became a memorial dedicated to the artist. Fans covered the wall with lyrics and messages and also left candles at its base in order to show their love and appreciation for a singer-songwriter who revolutionized popular music in the '90s with a guitar and poetry.
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Los Globos

This nightclub has always hosted Latin dance nights with salsa, reggaeton and bachata, but now they also book indie-rock, punk and pop bands. The building was once one of the area's first American Legion halls. Later it became one of the first gay bars in the city. Los Globos has an upstairs room and a refurbished downstairs ballroom. The age limit varies. Lot and street parking is available.
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Silver Lake

This is a nice and relatively quiet place for running/walking/urban hiking. Silver Lake is located in a residential area so there are always people there walking, running or walking their dogs on the trail. It is relatively flat so this is a good place if you are looking for a workout or an easy way to get some exercise. Free parking is available on the residential streets nearby.
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Dodger Stadium

Dodger Stadium, occasionally called by the metonym Chavez Ravine, is a baseball park located in Downtown Los Angeles, California, the home field of the Los Angeles Dodgers, the city's Major League Baseball (MLB) franchise. Opened 53 years ago in April 1962, it was constructed in less than three years a cost of $23 million, financed by private sources.
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Echo Park Lake

Echo Park is a densely populated neighborhood of 43,000+ residents in the central region of Los Angeles, California. It has one high school and eight other schools. It has been home to many notable people and is centered on the lake of the same name. It is also known as Echo Beach in anticipation of water levels rising due to climate change.
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Located in Hollywood Tiki-Ti is a family-owned and operated Tropical Drink Bar that has been serving the most unique Tiki Drinks in the country for more than 50 years. The bar is small with only 12 stools and a few tables against the walls, but it makes up for the small space with its large menu. They offer 94 Tropical Drinks, and most of them cannot be found anywhere else.
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Vista Theater

Vista Theatre opened on October 16, 1923, as a single-screen theater. In addition to screening films, the theater also showed vaudeville acts on stage. Originally known as Lou Bard Playhouse on opening day in 1923, the cinema played the film Tips with Baby Peggy. The original seating capacity in the auditorium held space for 838 seats. The owners later removed every other row to allow for increased legroom, reducing the number of seats to 400.
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Flore Vegan Restaurant

Despite the name and its pro-veggie policy, Flore Vegan Restaurant has an extensive menu that can lure almost anyone. They serve breakfast until 1 pm with veggie frittatas, griddle cakes and tofu scrambles, all of them wheat- and gluten-free. Some other dishes on their menu include the tempeh meatloaf burger or tempeh reuben. They also have a variety of pizzas prepared with soy cheese on a cornmeal crust. Being in L.A., the menu includes several Mexican dishes as well from jicama tacos to Southwestern seitan quesadillas.
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Echoplex is a live music venue located in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. It is owned and operated by the same people as The Echo, and the two are considered sister venues. It is located and commonly described as being "below The Echo," leading some to erroneously believe that its official title is "Echoplex Below The Echo." Along with The Echo, Echoplex is affiliated with Spaceland in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles. Some notable performers to have shows at Echoplex include The Mars Volta, Beck, NIN, The Rolling Stones and Thom Yorke.
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Top 10 Hippest Places to be a Hipster in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, CA