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Top 11 Neighborhood Amenities of Ridge Rd / Sunrise Hills Dr, Cheyenne, WY

This guide will show you around the neighborhood located at Ridge Rd. / Sunrise Hills Dr. in Cheyenne. The neighborhood is located in close proximity to Cheyenne Downtown and is mostly populated by families and people of white race. Visit the top 11 sites of the neighborhood with this guide.

Brimmer Park

Brimmer Park is a great park for active recreation with your family or friends. The park amenities include picnic facilities, play areas, softball fields and a skate park. The park is well taken care of and the fields are always in good condition.
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Cahill Park

Cahill Park is a neighborhood park located at Dell Range & Friendship Circle. The park offers a bike path, several picnic facilities, a play area, and 5 soccer fields. There is a parking lot for the visitors of the park so finding a place to leave your car while in the park should not be a problem.
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Buffalo Ridge Elementary School

Buffalo Ridge Elementary School is directed at children from grades K-6. The school focuses on traditional values and developing the students' character. The staff helps developing learners by offering acceleration, intervention, and a variety of extracurricular activities. All the students may receive individual acceleration in all subjects. The school is fully equipped with everything necessary to provide an efficient learning environment for all students.
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Little Lambs Child Development Center

Little Lambs Child Development Center is managed by the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and offers classes for children of 3 through 5 years of age. Little Lambs admits children of any race, color, gender or ethnic origin. The children do not have to be Christian or Lutheran to attend the school. The curriculum of the school is adapted to offer support for spiritual, physical, intellectual and social-emotional growth. The school staff organize various activities to assist in the further development of the children.
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East High School

East High School is a public secondary institution that includes grades 9 through 12. The school creates various opportunities for personal success and academic excellence, and is staffed with highly efficient teachers. East High School offers advanced placement and accelerated classes in English, math, science, social studies, foreign language, computer science, and art. In addition to the AP programs found at East, it is also home to the International Baccalaureate program, an advanced curricular course that encompasses all of a students core classes. The school has a large variety of extracurricular activities and many groups.
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Once Upon A Child

Once Upon A Child is a store dealing in used products for children. Although the things from the store are used they are just as good as new, but a whole lot cheaper. The store buys the things that are in good condition and sells them to others. Their product range includes clothes, toys, strollers, bikes and a lot others. Items are sectioned by age or size and also by gender. If you need something for your kids, just pay a visit, you may find here exactly what you were looking for at a much cheaper price than you expected it.
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Cold Stone Creamery

Cold Stone Creamery offers the best ice cream in Cheyenne. Besides ice cream they also serve cakes, smoothies and shakes, all prepared using the most high quality and freshest ingredients. There you have the possibility to have a custom ice cream created for you. If you are in for a treat head to Cold Stone Creamery, you will not regret it.
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Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

The community at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church has taken the mission to get to know Jesus Christ and make him known to the others. They do so through their worship service, by organizing Bible studies on various topics. The church also manages the Little Lambs Preschool for children aged 3 to 4 years. The community is friendly and gladly welcomes visitors at the worship services.
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Highlands United Presbyterian Church

Highlands United Presbyterian Church has been around since 1965. This is a small community that teaches and learns about Jesus. They gather for worship, study, prayer and fellowship. The community at Highlands United Presbyterian Church takes upon itself the responsibility to upheld those who gather ant the church, as well as the obligation to serve those outside its walls. The church's worship service is held every Sunday morning at 10 am.
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Faith Baptist Church

Faith Baptist Church is a welcoming traditional congregation that is Christ-centered, family oriented, and Bible preaching. At Faith Baptist Church they have something for everyone: Teen Youth Group, Nursery Care, Biblical Guidance for Life, Bible Preaching and others. The community accepts anyone who needs guidance in life and finding his/her way towards God.
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Cheyenne Alliance Church

At Cheyenne Alliance Church they try to help each person regardless of age to become a true disciple of Jesus. The community members a committed to love God fully, and the people around them. The church organizes Bible Communities and Care and Connection Groups in order to reach out to others and include them in the discipleship process.
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Top 11 Neighborhood Amenities of Ridge Rd / Sunrise Hills Dr, Cheyenne, WY