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Top 16 Neighborhood Amenities of North End, Boise, ID

I invite you to a visit around Boise's North End, a neighborhood that was designated as one of 10 Great Neighborhoods by the American Planing Association in 2008. The North End neighborhood of Boise contains most of the older homes of the city and is known for its tree-lined drives. On 13th Street, Hyde Park has many restaurants, specialty shops, and other businesses. Also the neighborhood hosts the Annual Hyde Park Street Fair.

Rainbow Books Idaho

Rainbow Books Idaho specializes in used books. The store gathers the most requested titles of old books and sells them for half the price. Most of the books are in excellent condition and there is a great variety of topics to choose from. If you visit this store it will be really hard for you to leave without having found at least one book of interest. The store is bright, clean and well arranged, and the staff is friendly.
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Hyde Park Books

Hyde Park Books is a small bookstore located in the Hyde Park Historic District. It has been open for over 30 years. The store offers a variety of books on various topics. The store deals mainly with used books, but there are some new ones as well. The owner and the staff are friendly and they can help you find the book you are interested in real fast, if you are in a hurry, if not you can browse at your own pace until you find something of interest for you.
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Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness is a gym facility that is open 24 hours a day. The facility is equipped with everything necessary for a good workout. The gym offers classes and individual training as well. The place is very clean and the staff is helpful if you need anything. The fee for the membership is low and you get a lot more than expected for the price. Here you get everything you need to stay fit.
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McAuley Park

McAuley Park is a small park with serene surroundings that can only be found in North End Boise. The park is a good place to just have a short stop on a bench and enjoy the view and the fresh air. The park was named for Benjamin McAuley who was a city councilman and negotiated the purchase of the property for the city.
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Elm Grove Park

Elm Grove Park is a 3 acre neighborhood park. The park has 2 tennis courts, a softball field, a basketball court, a playground, several picnic areas and open play areas. Elm Grove Park is famous for picnics under large shade trees. The park is bisected diagonally by an irrigation flume that can still be detected because it rises across the park and has a paved bike and walking path on top.
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Boise River Montessori Preschool

Boise River Montessori Preschool is a preschool and kindergarten development center for children between 2 through 6 years of age. The school offers Montessori-based education encouraging children to discover and learn at their own pace. The school has a low student to teacher ratio enabling the teachers to pay more attention to each child's development in part. The school's curriculum includes a variety of activities that offer, besides the basic skills and knowledge, music and dance classes, art workshops, and outside activities in the playground area and gardens.
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R House Child Care

R House Child Care is a child care facility that offers an original preschool program written by Rhonda Williamson, one of the owners. Here children are taught basic skills by using repetition and are exposing them to options early, however they do not forget to let the children play. At R House Child Care children are taken care of just like at home and they learn from everything, be it play or planed activities.
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St. Mary's Catholic School

St. Mary's Catholic School offers education for children from kindergarten to eighth grade. The school is one of the oldest and most successful Catholic schools in the area. The school has an outstanding record of fostering academic excellence. The students score high in reading in mathematics. The school educates in all its students the following values: faith, respect, honesty, integrity, personal responsibility, and the love of learning and achievement.
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North Junior High School

North Junior High School serves students in grades 7-9. The school strives to provide all the resources necessary to help the students reach their highest potential. In order to do so the school supports and challenges them physically, mentally and socially. North Junior High School has a number of clubs and organizations for extracurricular activities where students can show their talents and abilities.
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Albertsons from North End is the original Albertsons store that was opened in 1939 by Joe Albertson. The store offers fresh produce, meats and packaged products at affordable prices in a variety of choices. The staff is pleasant and helpful and you can easily get all the grocery products you need from here.
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Wholistic Beauty Boutique

Wholistic Beauty Boutique offers a unique experience in personal care. It specializes in massage, organic skincare, metaphysics, energetic healing, energetic massage, chakra healing, etc. The place is very beautiful and well arranged like a sanctuary for the body and the spirit. All the products that they use, from beauty products to essential oils, are natural, organic and non-toxic. Their staff is friendly and professional and the atmosphere is relaxing and pleasant.
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Shu's Idaho Running Co.

Shu's Idaho Running Co. is a store specialized in running shoes. Their service is absolutely great they have a 3D Foot Print System that allows finding the right type of shoes for you feet. Every customer is tested free. Besides this, in order to make absolutely sure you get the right pair of shoes you are allowed (and even asked) to go outside and run around to get a feel of your new shoes. Their staff is very friendly and will spend a lot of time with you in order to find the perfect running shoes for you.
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Java Hyde Park

Java Hyde Park is a cafe that is quite popular with the locals. The cafe has some of the best outdoor seating and the indoor is also nice. The service is fast and the ambiance great. The most appreciated are the breakfast options, and of course the coffee. In fact Java Hyde Park offers the best coffee in Boise, and their food is also good.
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Hyde Park

Hyde Park, also called the Hyde Park Historic District, is a section of the North End neighborhood in Boise known for its several popular eateries and locally-owned specialty shops. The Hyde Park Historic District is located on North 13th Street a few blocks north of Downtown Boise. During all months of the year, local merchants host neighborhood events and activities. The biggest event Hyde Park is known for is the Hyde Park Street Fair, an annual event located at the nearby Camel's Back Park that is organized by the North End Neighborhood Association and includes vendors, food, live music, demonstrations, a children's area, and a parade.
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St Mary's Catholic Church

St. Mary's Catholic Church is a historic church building at State and 26th Streets in Boise. St. Mary's parish is a vibrant multicultural community with very diverse backgrounds and places of origin. Approximately a third of the community speaks and celebrates liturgy in Spanish. St. Mary's manages the Parish Food Bank that distributes food yearly to those in need. It is possible due to the large number of volunteers from the community who devote their time and resources to make life better for those who need it. The church also manages the St. Mary's School that provides high quality education in a Catholic environment.
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Camel's Back Park

Camel's Back Park is a nice park that has an extensive trail system for hiking. The park includes a playground for kids, picnic area, tennis courts, a volleyball court and a lot of open space. The trails are well taken care of and there is plenty of shade in the park. The camel hill is a nice climb, although it may seem steeper than it looks at some point, however once you climb it the view from the top is quite nice. The park allow dogs, but they must be on a leash.
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Top 16 Neighborhood Amenities of North End, Boise, ID