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Top 13 Neighborhood Amenities of Wells Avenue, Reno, NV

This neighborhood is a mix of old and new. The residential areas go from little stick houses to brick homes. The neighborhood has a large number of restaurants and many stores that cater to the Hispanic population. Some parts of the area still maintain the look and feel of the working class neighborhood that it used to be. Take this guide to visit the top 13 most prominent sites of the neighborhood.

Reverse Aging Naturally Wellness Center

Reverse Aging is a wellness center established in 2000 that is specializing in green cleansing products. For a price of $30 it offers a 3 hour spa session with various massage equipment, vibration devices and infrared saunas. They have various products and techniques for weight loss, skin problems, pain and stress relief. While sometime not very comfortable cleansing your body of toxins will prove its benefits later, so you should not hesitate to visit with them.
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VA Sierra Nevada Healthcare System

VA Sierra Nevada Healthcare System is a hospital for veterans that provides all of the necessary medical care. The clinic is efficient in providing all the services required: lab tests, x-rays, emergency care, primary care, etc. The hospital actually has everything one may need in one place. The staff is friendly and helpful and is prompt in offering the necessary assistance.
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Wells Avenue Clinic

Wells Avenue Clinic was founded in 2010 in order to provide high quality healthcare at cheaper prices than other medical institutions. The clinic offers a wide range of services from individual counseling to lab tests and physical examinations. The clinic accepts health insurance so people who have one can benefit of medical care based on it.
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HAWC Community Health Center

HAWC Community Health Center offers medical services by adjusting prices based on the patients' income. HAWC offers a comprehensive range of healthcare services. The people working there are friendly and take good care of the patients.
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Little Flower Elementary School

Little Flower School opened in 1962 with the goal of providing quality Catholic education to the community. The school accepts children of various ethnic and economic backgrounds. Little Flower School serves children from kindergarten through eighth grade. The school has a focus on high academic expectations in a Catholic educational environment. The teachers here help children lay the foundation for all their future studies.
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Marketon Supermarket #5

Marketon Supermarket specializes in Mexican products. It sells a great variety of Mexican specialties, both fresh and packaged. Marketon also has a deli where you can buy prepared Mexican food. Besides that the meat and produce counters offer fresh products at lower prices than elsewhere. The staff is friendly and efficient so you can have a great shopping experience.
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Silver Peak Restaurant & Brewery

Silver Peak Restaurant & Brewery is a popular place in Reno. Their menu is quite extensive and they update it with new items quite frequently. The food is good and the service great. But what they are best known for is their beer that they brew themselves. They have several types of beers, one for every taste. All in one, it is a good place for dinner, and they also serve groups so you can celebrate your birthday or any other occasion with your friends.
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El Pescador Mexican Seafood Restaurant

As the name suggests El Pescador Mexican Seafood Restaurant specializes in seafood and Mexican dishes. The menu contains a great variety of foods and drinks, and all are delicious. The atmosphere is great, the food is good, and the service excellent. With the chef coming from the Mexican state of Nayarit, that is famous for its seafood, the food here is as authentic as it gets. So don't miss the chance to taste some really good Mexican food here.
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The Z Bar

The Z Bar makes some of the best cocktails in Reno. Once it used to be a hole in the wall, but it has been rebranded and is now one of the best bars in the area. They have a variety of beers, but still their specialty are cocktails, which come in very different variations. The bartender's mixing skills are extraordinary, and he can easily accommodate you with a cocktail off the menu if you ask him.
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Dandelion Deli & Catering

Dandelion Deli & Catering offers a great variety of delicious food. It is mostly directed towards vegans and vegetarians, but it does not ignore meat-eaters so everyone can enjoy their meals here. Their most praised dishes are the desserts. And last, but not least they also have gluten-free foods so those who are gluten intolerant can eat here without worrying. The establishment offers a cafe style dining in a relaxing environment. Also available are call-in and take-out.
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Stremmel Gallery

Stremmel Gallery is a 1969 established fine art gallery that specializes in contemporary art. It showcases paintings, drawings and sculptures by American and European artists. The works of art exhibited are impressive and you may really want to buy one (or some) of them, which you can actually do, but for a price. Besides exhibiting art, the gallery offers services of painting restoration, warehousing of fine art, and resale or purchase of individual pieces or entire collections of modern or contemporary art.
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Smart & Final Extra!

Smart & Final Extra! sells a great variety of high quality products at low prices. Whether you are buying for a business or organization, preparing a party or just stocking up you can find everything you need here. Produce is very good, so are the meats and everything is fresh. So why going the extra mile if you can find it all here?
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St Therese-Little Flower Church

St. Therese-Little Flower Church is a Catholic community that is made up of believers rich in diversity. The community welcomes everyone who wants to join in worshiping God and spread the good news of Jesus Christ. The church manages Little Flower School and also organizes various events.
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Top 13 Neighborhood Amenities of Wells Avenue, Reno, NV