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Top 10 amenities in Canal Winchester

Canal Winchester is a city in Fairfield and Franklin county. It's a friendly, close community with a great school system and a lot of events happening all year around. CW is known for "a beer and rib fest", Christmas in the village and or Bob Mcdorman automotive museum.

Bob Mcdorman Automotive Museum

If you want to check out 1978 Chevy Corvette Pace or 1936 CHevy Coupe, all in perfect condition, this is the place to go. Affordable prices and children under the age of 5, getting free. You will also see one of the coolest Chevrolet dealer neon signs that is said is worth over $100,000.

Harvest Moon Cafe

Great place to eat healthy fresh salads or bison burger, have a fresh carrot juice or draft beer, all while working on your compute and enjoying free Wi-Fi. On the other half you can shop for healthy vitamins, herbs and all natural supplements.
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Fitness Firm

Very convenient location. This 3 story building has everything that you need to get in shape. From all kinds of different classes to all the different equipment. Come check it out and get to know your neighbors.
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Not much to say, I am sure that everyone has shopped at Kroeger before. They have everything that you need, from paper products, food, cleaning products and this one even has a liquor store. Great location, right on Gender rd, surrounded with restaurants and other stores.
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Canal Winchester High school

Canal Winchester is not very big so the sense of community is great. Most of the parents know each other and know their children. There is only one High school in Canal and this is it. Everyone sticks together, supports their kids and of course all the teachers.
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Diley Ridge Medical Center

Diley ridge medical building is very new. It is a joint venture between Mount Carmel and Fairfield Medical Center. It offers family health and emergency medical care all in one building. Staff works fast and are very friendly.
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Marcus Theatres

Who doesn't like movies. Marcus theater is your premiere entertainment destination featuring sixteen state of art auditoriums and Every Tuesday all day five dollars a ticket is just the icing on the cake. Come experience the movie how it should be done. Marcus style, very close to Canal Winchester on Hill rd, Pickerington.
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Gender rd Christian Church

Christian church supports you and your faith journey. It is our prayer that you will gain a better understanding of God's will for your life through the salvation of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.
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Sticks and Stones Studio

Cutest little store hidden in a heart of Canal Winchester's downtown. Whether you go there on the mission to find something or just to look, you will most likely leave with something. Great place to find an antique piece or a gift for a friend.

Hidden Lakes Winery

Hidden Lakes Winery is a great place to go with a partner to enjoy the breathtaking scenery nestled on their six-acre lakefront property. Enjoy their food, local/homemade wines or take the whole family to listen some live music on Sunday afternoons or Thursday evenings. Their simple but very tasty entrees can be matched up with your favorite type of wine. They are also an event center, hosting weddings and large parties.

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Top 10 amenities in Canal Winchester