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10 Top Amenities and Neighborhood guide to Powderhorn Condos in Gunbarrel, Colorado

Powderhorn condo's are highly sought after and are more unique than most condo home's in the Gunbarrel area. What makes them Unique? For starters, the second and third floor condo's have towering 18'+ ceilings, and curious loft area's which are additional rooms, hanging offices or libraries; and in some cases secret doors to attic space. Some of these options depend of course, on what the previous home owner has done. In addition, the HOA includes a huge pool, with a lap lane, hot-tub with outdoor shower as well as tennis courts, well kept grounds and cozy, interior pathways, which lead you winding through mature tree's to Gunbarrel Commons, Community Park. The park will frequently host food truck parties and has an off leash pet area as well. If you walk East a bit you'll find Twin Lakes, along with Avery and Asher brewing companies. All this and more, for a meager HOA fee of $188.00 a month.

Gunbarrel Commons Park

A cozy, sunny and softly sloped park, surrounded by towering mature trees. This area offers the user a place to lay down and relax. In addition, several picnic tables and grills are scattered about; one near the kids play area. You can have a bbq and play with the kids at the same time! Also, there's an off leash pet area so you can even be throwing the frisbee for your dog, if you have a free hand while maintaining the grill. Need an adventure? There's plenty of creek trails nearby, which go for miles if you're in for a long walk.

Celestial Seasonings Restaurant

Just East of Powderhorn condo's, is Celestial Seasonings. This wonderful tea place will open its doors daily for all who may be wishing to tour. I highly recommend the mint room, especially if you're having sinus issues; clear you right up! Hours are generally from 10A.M. to 5P.M. They also have a gift shop and restaurant attached.

Avery Brewing Company

As long as you arrive with a wee bit of patience, you'll be bound to leave Avery rubbing your perfectly filled belly with the right mixture of​ ​flavorful beers ​​and tasty eats. My advice is to exit work early, or perhaps organize a work happy hour, and show up on the S.W. corner door at 3:00P.M. Be ready to jive with pro brewers, Boulder locals, travelers, local workers, pro bikers, climbers, racers, parachuters, pilots, techies, lovers, friends, family, the gamut!​ ​Most of all I recommend, exploring the brewery, meet the staff, tip well, eat, drink, tour and have fun! Twin lakes is immediately to the South of the Brewery, as well as Asher Brewing Co; in other words, you can have a "cool off session" as well as take a walk around sparkling lakes, then regroup at Asher. Out of town visitors, especially those from lower elevations, remember you're above 5000 feet and the brew can be quite potent! Designated drivers, cab, or RTD is highly advised and quite convenient in this area. And remember to drink lots of water!!

Asher Brewing Company

Incredible local hang. The best thing about this place; you can sip well balanced organic beer and play dual "cornhole" or "bing-bag toss" depending on what you call it. Also, Asher has a private back door patio, and darts!! Be ready to have fun at Asher or kick back on the front patio, and fill your hunger with eats from local food trucks.


A large Pharmaceutical company, which appreciates its neighbors as well as their employee's. As a Powderhorn resident, you hardly notice there's a large, corporate business next door, as they have integrated their property with the surroundings, in a style that has similarities to Frank Loyd Wright. With a large worker base, they keep the local neighborhood full, happy and thriving.

Leanin' Tree Museum and Sculpture Garden Of Western Art

Explore your Western Art History at the Leanin Tree Museum. With exhibits by Ed Trumbles private art collection. Make sure to explore the surrounding grounds as well! With plenty of parking and easy access off of Foothills, this makes for a great break in anyone's road trip, or if you haven't been, the perfect lunch break from nearby businesses!

Twin Lakes

Twin lake's has a variety of intersecting walking, running, biking and creek paths that meander through and around both lakes. For years, this biodiverse area has held captive runners, bikers, walkers and wonderer's alike with its secluded and not so well known pathways , wild bird habitats and front range views galore! Along your travels, you might be lucky enough to see a deer run through, coyote, fox, or perhaps photograph a red winged blackbird or Belted-Kingfisher...or if you're really lucky, you might spot the as of late, local bald eagle, scouting the surroundings for prairie dogs. It's also an incredible place to stroll, let off the work load, then head to neighboring Asher or Avery for a beer, food and good times.

Boulder Reservoir

Bring your big boat, small boat, kayak, floaties or the likes! Just make sure to register at the front gate, located north off of Foothills and Jay. The Boulder Res offers a host of summer fun activities and is surrounded by vast amounts of open space. If you like water activities and fun in the sun then this is definitely the destination for you!

Gunbarrel Ranch

Less than 3 miles East of Powderhorn you can literally find yourself in the middle of nowhere and at the beginning of the Eastern Plains! Find your sole here with breath taking front range and continental divide views. You're allowed to have dogs off leash in this area, however, be aware that horses will sometimes appear out of nowhere. Make sure your dog understands how to behave around large animals and is well commanded to come back to you when called...yes, I learned this from experience!

King Soopers

King Soopers is less than a 3 minute drive from Powderhorn. This grocery store has recently been freshly remodeled, so it offers a bit of style as well as a grocery which can provide you with all your chef needs. When you visit, make sure to check out the soon to be completed Gunbarrel Town Center being built along the backside of Kingsooper's main entrance. This area has everything one needs, with restaurants, breweries, coffee shops, higher end condo's, apartments, storage and golf...the works!

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10 Top Amenities and Neighborhood guide to Powderhorn Condos in Gunbarrel, Colorado