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Top 24 Neighborhood Amenities in Columbia, MO

Columbia Missouri is an amazing city, merging the quality and diversity of a big city with the Midwest hospitality. Columbia has a lot to offer & continues to grow. In the recent years there has been a great deal of residential and commercial development. Unemployment rates have dropped enormously since 2010 due to the increasing job opportunities occurring. Columbia was named #1 in “Top 25 Hardest Working Towns in America” this year, 2015 in Forbes magazine. I have lived in Columbia all my life, so I know the area & the Columbia Public School District (CPS) very well. CPS provides a great public school system & has many schools due to the growing population. My parents & some siblings have taught for the school district, so I can attest for how well the school system is ran. Columbia provides 8 colleges and 6 hospitals conveniently located throughout the city. Other than the school system, it has many places to eat & mingle at like well know Franchises & coffee shops including Starbucks & Dunkin Donuts, as well as unique local favorites: Murry’s & Booches, which is my favorite burger joint in town. If you want to get a drink with friends or have a business meeting with co-workers there are many places throughout the District (downtown) and the city. In nearby Rocheport you can find a breath taking local winery called Les Bourgeois which has a bistro and A-Frame café that overlooks the river for a nice relaxing atmosphere. If you like to go on outdoor excursions, we have a very large National Forest surrounding Columbia; it includes hiking/biking trails, & fishing holes. One of the most popular trails that go through the town is the “Katy Trail or MKT” which once was the site of a spur line of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad, which is where it gets its name. Golf courses can also be found around town and Columbia’s Parks & Recreation has many areas throughout the town which are used for sports & other activities. If you would rather spend your time shopping or watching movies, Columbia is also the place for you. It has a large Boone County library, mall & shopping centers that are expanding with new stores, & two well-kept movie theaters. There are lots of other stores located in the District of Columbia & spread across the city. Columbia also hosts many annual events such as The True/ False festival, Roots ‘N’ Blues ‘N’ BBQ , Art in the Park, & Parades! Columbia has so much to offer with our wide variety of culture so it will fit anyone’s needs.

Boone County Puplic Library

Boone county public library is a great place to relax and read, or you can check it out to take it home. It is also a great homework environment. They have computers you can use and tons of other resources for the public!
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Best Burgers in town! My all time favorite place to get a burger and catch up with friends. They have pool tables and tables so you can hang out and enjoy some quality food! The ONLY Booches in America! You have to try it!
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Murrys is a low light sit down Jazz restaurant. You can hang out at the bar, or sit with your family to enjoy some of the best food in town! Hands down the best steak in Columbia! There is usually a wait so get there early!
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Golf Course at the Country Club of Missouri

County Club of Missouri is a centrally located golf course with many other activities. You can become a member and get access to the pool, tennis courts, and racket ball courts! You will have a great time no matter who you go with!
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National Forest State Park

If you like to hike, ride bikes, fish, and hunt, this is the place for you! They have TONS of trails to hike and ride on, but they also allow fishing and other activities. Take a day trip to see all that Columbia has to offer!
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Les Bourgeois Winery

This Winery is one of the most peaceful and enjoyable places to spend the day with friends and family. They have a bistro, and a cafe that over looks the Missouri River. The view is absolutely breath taking.
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Cosmo Park & Recreation

Cosmo park has soccer fields, football fields, baseball fields,and even a skate park. Your kids will love it! It is a very well-kept facility and it is a blast for the whole family. You can also take your pets there to run and have fun!
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Golf Course at Old Hawthorne Country Club

This golf course is on the east side of Columbia, and it is a private golf course that goes with the Neighborhood. The subdivision is called Old Hawthorne and it is spectacular. If you like to golf a lot then I would recommend living in Old Hawthorne!
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L.A. Nickell Golf Course

This golf course is on the North side of Columbia and it is a public golf course. I enjoy this course because it is well maintained and the course is very fun. It is conveniently located next to the mall and many other stores.
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Columbia Mall

The Columbia Mall has every store you could ask for, and if it doesn't have your store you will most likely be able to find somewhere else i Columbia. They have food courts in the mall for when you get hungry and even a few rides to go on!
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Boone Hospital Center

The Boone Hospital Center is an amazing hospital and their staff is great! You get quality doctors that truly care about you. It is located in central Columbia so everyone can get to it easily. If you ever get go to Boone Hospital!
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University of Missouri

University of Missouri is the main college in Columbia but there are numerous other colleges to attend also. You will get a quality education in a fun diverse town! Mizzou is the place for you! GO TIGERS!
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Rock Bridge High School

Rock Bridge High School is one of 3 High schools in Columbia. This is the High School for the the south side of Columbia and it is conveniently located near lots of fast food restaurants, and a few grocery stores. The athletic program is phenomenal and so is the education.
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Mill Creek Elementary School

Mill Creek Elementary is a large elementary school, but it is getting smaller as they build new schools. Your kids will love it and the teachers are great! They all care so much about the kids and help them in any and every way possible!
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David H. Hickman High School

Hickman High School and Rock Bridge high School are the town rivals! Hickman has an amazing athletic program as well. The school is large and has tons of classes to offer. There is wide variety of kids who go there so everyone will fit in!
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Wilson's Total Fitness

Wilson's Total Fitness is one of the most popular gyms in Columbia. Tons of locals work out here everyday, and they have every type of equipment you can ask for and then some! If you like racket ball, or want a personal trainer then this is the place for you!

Forum 8 Movie Theater

Forum 8 Movie Theater is one of many theaters in Columbia. This is the centrally located theater. You can take your family there for a fun family night, or go on a date! It is a great place for kids to hang out and be entertained!
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Peace Park

Peace Park is nice, relaxing park close to Mizzou campus. There are numerous events held at the park each year and you can always find something unique happening here. You can find people doing just about anything here, from homework in the shade to tight rope walking between trees!
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Stephens Lake and Park

Stephens lake is a great place to run, walk, bike or skate board! The lake has an enormous paved trail around it. It also offers a play ground for kids and a few unique sculptures to admire. You can always find geese and other beautiful birds in the area. During the summer you can swim in the lake with all of your friends!
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Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area

Eagles Bluffs is my favorite place in Columbia, MO. The views are breath taking and there are always new trails to walk and bike on. There is an abundance of wild animals such as deer, foxes and various species of birds. Bring your binoculars because you wont want to miss the bald eagles!
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Rock Bridge State park

Rock Bridge State park is huge! You will never get bored and there is always more to see. Most people come here to see "Devils Ice Box". Devils Ice Box is a natural cave that drops 20 degrees as soon as you go inside. The cave has a stream running under it that goes all the way to St. Louis, MO. Take some friends and make a day out of it!
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Finger Lakes State Park

Finger lakes state park is one of the most diverse parks around Columbia, MO. You can do everything from race dirt bikes, kayak and fish in lakes, target practice, or just go for a walk near the creeks and cliffs! Load up the family and go spend the weekend at Finger Lakes State Park.
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Harpos Bar & Grill

Harpos Bar & Grill is a great place to eat for any meal. You can enjoy the comfort and friendly atmosphere inside, or you can relax on the roof and enjoy your meal outside! Once it gets late Harpos turns into a bar for you and all of your friends to hang out at! You'll definitely want to visit Harpos when you come to town!
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Coffee Zone

If you are looking for your new morning coffee spot, you've found it! Coffee Zone is a great place to get your morning coffee, or have a meeting with co-workers. They have every drink you could imagine, and the staff is very friendly! It is conveniently located downtown so you can swing by any time of the day!
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Top 24 Neighborhood Amenities in Columbia, MO