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Mary Putnam

Austin / Texas
Amidst the chaos and growth of the real estate market in Austin, Texas, your Austin Real Estate Lady, REALTOR® Mary Putnam remains dedicated to finding the perfect home for her clients. Mary makes it a priority to listen to what her clients need, want, and wish for so she can find them a home with perfect harmony, whether that means renting, selling or buying. Mary does the research for you, cutting through false advertisement and expired listings. Her extensive knowledge of the market and genuine passion for exceeding the expectations of her clients has pushed her to succeed in every aspect of the real estate game.
After serving 5 years in the United States Marine Corps as an Intelligence Analyst, Mary has the attention to detail and tenacity that everyone needs in a REALTOR®. These habits, cultivated and fine-tuned over the years, have carried over into her work in the real estate field. She believes that through honesty, respect, and patience, any housing goal can be achieved and her clients will be ready to make an educated decision about their next property.

Served Neighborhoods:
Austin, North Austin, Hyde Park, Crestview, South Austin, Circle C, Westlake, East Austin, Riverside

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Mary Putnam