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Donna Paul

Manhasset / New York
About Page

There is nothing fulfilling in life like doing what you love most. Many people make the mistake of choosing the wrong career and they end up being slaves by doing what they don’t love. This is very dangerous because it affect your overall performance. I was lucky to change my career and start doing what I love most. Before I shifted to working in the Real Estate business, I used to service the senior population.

I am Donna Paul, real estate agent in Long Island. I have worked for Keller Williams Realty for several years. My main responsibility as a REALTOR is to help sellers and buyers achieve their DREAMS. I have a great passion to help people achieve their goals of buying or selling real estate property and this keeps me giving my best services. The greatest fulfilment I receive from my job is when my clients come back to me for my services.

Being a realtor is definitely my greatest passion and when I serve my clients and assist them achieve their goals of buying or selling real estate then I feel like I have accomplished my accountability.

I used to work with the seniors before entering into real estate business and I have no doubt that I made the right decision. In my previous career I used to assist seniors and I haven’t changed that; I am now helping people facing difficulties to buy or sell real estate achieve their dreams extremely hassle free. That is what is more fulfilling to me.

Working in real estate industry has always been rewarding and satisfying. Whenever I help people buy or sell their homes successfully, I feel rewarded. This is a virtue I have developed within myself and it keeps me motivated to give my best to my clients.

I use unique marketing strategies to achieve the best results for my clients. For the buyers, I start by analysing the market data to identify a suitable price offer; then I use my negotiation skills to ensure that they get the property at the right price. Lastly, I ensure that all the necessary documents are prepared and ready before we close the deal.

For the sellers, I ensure that your property is exposed all over the market as fast as possible. I then identify prequalified buyers and show them your property. I will then sell the property to the buyer who is ready to pay the highest price.

I handle every client differently to ensure that their best interests are represented. I have expertise in different specialties including buyers, sellers, investment properties, seniors, short sales, residential properties, among others. The deals I have closed so far have exposed me to numerous market conditions which enable me handle all kinds of my clients’ needs. Whether you want to buy a home, sell your home, relocate to a different location, etc., I am always there to assist. I have mastered all corners of Long Island and I can help you close a real estate deal at a very competitive price, within the shortest time possible.

Most importantly is that I keep my clients informed on every step of the transaction; from start to finish. I also do everything professionally and offer a friendly environment for my clients. For all your real estate needs, I am here to make your work easier

Served Neighborhoods:
Dix Hills, Huntington, Huntington station, Deer park, Brooklyn, Queens,

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Donna Paul