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Adrianna Pecio

Dayton / Ohio
As someone who relocated to the Dayton, Ohio area myself a few years back, I know how exciting and overwhelming the journey can be. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and skills with those buying a home for the first time in a new area. Real estate is my home, let me find yours.

Neighborhood Guides by Adrianna

Top 10 Life Amenities in Kettering, OH

Kettering is a cute suburb of Dayton city, Ohio. With the population currently standing at around 60,000 and growing, Kettering is the largest suburb of Dayton. It carries the name of Charles. F. Kettering, the most distinguished local citizen, renowned philanthropist and the inventor of automobile self-starter. Kettering is particularly noted for its very good school system which, in turn, renders it an ideal and much sought after destination for families with kids.

Top 10 Neighborhood Amenities in Beavercreek, OH

Beavercreek is an east suburb of Dayton, OH. The current population is approximately 45,000 (August 2015). Beavercreek is considered the most attractive city in the Dayton living area. This is especially due to its attractive setting, quality of life, and woody environment. As a consequence, it has been a growing suburb with still a considerable area for neighboring to annex. The majority of Beavercreek residents are Air Force and civilian employees of adjacent Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and its contractors. The area also welcomes one of the largest malls of the Dayton area: The Mall at Fairfield Commons. Furthermore, it is also the home of Wright State University, important research and manufacturing firms specialized in aerospace, electronics, and IT.
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Adrianna Pecio