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Christopher R Valencerina

Daly City / California
My game plan as a Realtor is to offer the best service possible by giving clients the best advice and information available so that when they decide to take the leap towards their next big move, they can do it with the utmost confidence.

I had a unique living situation growing up that sparked my interest in real estate at a very early age. I lived on both sides of the Bay Bridge at the same time. My family’s home is in Hercules (East Bay). My grandmother’s house is in Daly City (Peninsula). We spent equal time at both places. We spent the evenings and weekends in Hercules and went to school and work in Daly City and San Francisco using grandma’s house as our “Daly City Headquarters”. The difference in characteristics of both areas- weather, architecture, development, community, people, and culture- fascinated me. Over time, this fascination led me to a career in real estate with Nu Level Realty Inc. I am currently living in Daly City closely watching the Peninsula, San Francisco, and the East Bay change and evolve to the unique, cultured, and booming places they are today.

Each property and situation is unique and as such requires more than just a standard approach. My experience with the Bay Area and Nu Level Realty’s cutting-edge style, fresh ideas, full-service and stress-free approach equips me with the ability to view every property and situation individually and develop effective marketing strategies to suit. Prepared with everything I know and have experienced, everything Nu Level Realty knows and does, and us working together as a team with you, we will be sure to achieve the best possible result that suits you and your lifestyle.

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San Francisco Bay Area

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Christopher R Valencerina