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Lindsay Koch

Fitchburg / Wisconsin
It doesn’t take much to help someone smile.

It was a lesson I learned while working at Culver’s during my very first job. Making a smiley face out of a banana split… made the day. For the upset kid. For the stressed-out Mom. And, for me. My career in the customer service industry began. I was hooked on the smiles and the value I could provide to customers.

My creativity and customer service skills led me down various career paths – from working at the local drugstore to a Fortune 500 company to jobs as a Chocolatier. While I couldn’t help my meticulous, driven and organized nature… the underlying theme of helping customers provided the passion.

It’s the same reason I came here. The tight-knit community that places relationships above all else, quickly made Stark Company Realtors® the perfect fit. I consider it a privilege, not a job, to help you and provide value as you make a life-changing decision.
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Lindsay Koch