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Josue Tirado

San Francisco / California
A little information on my past and personality will tell you that I'm really about, helping people. I am a former professional, collegian and international competitor. I know what it takes to win and I'm here to serve YOU. I believe my charisma and drive makes me unique in a way that I will set forth my best efforts to help YOU feel like family. As your local market expert, it is my fiduciary responsibility to inform you about the "ins and out" of home-ownership. From testing the sellers market to helping buyers find the home of their dreams, my creative and curious nature will work in your favor to tailor to your wants and needs.
My years of experience and industry expertise are at your service to ease you through the buying and selling process, that could be daunting and overwhelming for some, and transition you into a smooth and stress free experience. Whether you're a family with a history of home ownership, or looking to make a leap as first time buyer, I'm available to help you through every step of the process.

Served Neighborhoods:
San Francisco proper, Silicon Valley proper, Bay Area

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Josue Tirado