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RIVERSIDE / California
My core value is; Integrity; I am and have always been a highly driven person, both personally and professionally. Today I view life as a journey in which I have traveled and will continue to travel throughout my lifetime. Through my life travels, I have experience positive and negative events. I respectfully have accepted those events as an opportunity for me to gain knowledge and wisdom from which should enable me to make a positive contributions to mankind in my presents and future travels. I do not view myself as a victim because of any given experience. “If an event in your life journey whether it be Positive or Negative had not occurred one would not have gained knowledge nor wisdom”

My priorities are; Faith First, Family, and to be a Positive Contribution to Mankind.

I am a dedicated hard-working realtor that will get results. Contact me and experience the journey with me.

For over 30 years during my employment with major companies in the insurance industry I was also personally purchasing and selling real estate.

With each of my employers I maintained a consistent above average performance among my peer group throughout my career in sales and service among the top 10 producers in my district and the companies . At Allstate insurance I achieve the #: 2 commercial sales position in the company.

Served Neighborhoods:
Riverside, CA, Moreno Valley, CA, Perris, CA, Colton, CA, San Bernardino CA, Rialto CA, Highland CA, Fontana CA, San Jacino, CA, Corona, CA, Grand Terrace, CA, Bloomington, CA, Meniffe, CA, Romoland, CA

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