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Leslie Williams

Pikeville / North Carolina
I have lived in the Wayne County, Goldsboro, Pikeville area of North Carolina since 1973. I have been a Real Estate Broker in this same area for the past 9 years. I also have a lot of experience in dealing with the local people and with Military families as we have Seymour Johnson AFB in Goldsboro. I have mostly worked in the Wayne County area, however, I have also sold and listed homes in the surrounding counties. I have worked with two local real estate offices, however, I have had to scale down my hours due to having to deal with my son and I now just work out of my home so that I am able to deal with my son's issues. I would really like to connect with other brokers everywhere in order to possibly send referrals and hopefully receive referrals from other brokers too. If anyone needs any help with buying or selling a home in this area, please contact me. I also work with James Wiggins tiling.If you need any tiling work done, again, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from anyone in real estate or anyone that needs a broker or any tiling work done, please also contact me. I look forward to hearing from any brokers.

Served Neighborhoods:
Wayne County, NC and surrounding counties. City of Goldsboro, Pikeville, Fremont, Dudley, Mt. Olive, LaGrange, Seven Springs, Princeton, and other surrounding cities.

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Leslie Williams