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Bernadette Weiss

Delafield / Wisconsin
I have over twelve years experience both in Real Estate as a Realtor and as a Loan Officer, so you can be confident in working with me knowing that I have the knowledge to assist you with the whole transaction. I am passionate about helping people reach their goals, even it means you may not be looking to do anything for quite some time. Receiving an education from Colorado Technical University in Business Administration and Management have given me the knowledge to market your home properly and be able to understand the complexities that come with every business transaction. My personal experience throughout the years in life, home-ownership, as a landlord, as a mom and as a wife have given me the knowledge it takes to understand people in general, as well as the guts to answer the hard questions as opposed to telling you what you want to hear.
Professionally speaking, I am interested in anything that will make the home selling/home buying process work more smoothly in favor of clients and customers. I am always looking to learn about new technology, new marketing ideas and new ways to network in order to assist clients and customers for a faster, less stressful transaction! I am also fond of keeping up with the political aspects that encompass the Real Estate Community, as well as new laws to ensure my clients and customers are always reaping the most benefits of the transaction! It is a passion of mine to always continue learning more to become a better Realtor for all of my customers and clients.
I am the mother of three wonderful children, and wife to Justin. I have lived in the Lake Country/ Kettle Moraine Forest Area for over 10 years and prior to that the City of Waukesha. Unfortunately, I am not a native Wisconsinite, but I have lived in this gloriously cold state since 1993. To most people's surprise, I am a Veteran of the US Army and have a soft spot for anyone who has served this Great Country in some way. I have spent my adult life as a mother, wife, college student, neighbor, friend, home owner, landlord, volunteer and, most recently added, runner to the list. I am an avid supporter of causes that help children, fund cancer research or support wounded warriors, as well as Veteran's causes. Eventually, I would like to be able to take some proceeds from my business every year and be able to donate towards these and other causes.

Served Neighborhoods:
Eagle, Mukwonago, Delafield, Wales, Vernon, Big Bend, East Troy, LaGrange, Sugar Creek, Elkhorn, Dousman, Genesee, Pewaukee, Waukesha, Palmyra, Fort Atkinson, Troy, Genesee Depot, Hartland

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Bernadette Weiss