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Tess DiMatteo

Salem / Massachusetts
For Realtor® Tess DiMatteo, real estate is all about people. “This is one of the few industries that give you the opportunity to discover what matters most to people and then help them to achieve those goals,” she says.

With her extensive business background that includes coaching and sales, Tess is recognized for her organizational skills, attention to detail, and her ability to explain the various aspects of buying and selling clearly. “The real estate process can be complex and, especially for first-time buyers and sellers, feel like a logistical quagmire,” she says. “Buying a house or selling one is exciting and clients should enjoy the journey. That’s my goal for every transaction!”

The Salem resident also insists that the North Shore is “the” best place to call home. “With so many different types of communities to choose from—‘small’ towns to urban centers—the quality of life factor is exceptional.”

She adds with a smile, “I’m constantly recruiting new residents.”

Served Neighborhoods:
Salem,Marblehead,Swampscott,Beverly,Danvers,Peabody,Lynn,Wenham,Manchester,Hamilton,Ipswich,Topsfield,Middleton, Newburyport

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Tess DiMatteo