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Efua Hayford

Alexandria / Virginia
Efua Hayford is currently active in Maryland. She will soon be obtaining licenses in Washington, D.C. and Virginia as well.
Having arrived in Silver Spring, Maryland from the smallest state in the union, Rhode Island, she soon discovered learned of the concept of counties of Maryland/Virginia as well as the nation's capital. A graduate of Kennedy High School she spent her teenage years around, Wheaton, Apen Hill, Rockville and Chevy Chase areas.
Traveling or studying abroad in places like Ghana, England, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, and Cyprus to name a few fostered her appreciation of cosmopolitan cities where just walking downtown, such as in Washington, D.C. and its metro area, one might hear a wide range of languages.
A great believer in excellent service she listens closely to what her clients desire, with an eye for function and aesthetics and not to mention great follow-up, offers fine solutions. Read testimonials in upcoming reviews.

Served Neighborhoods:
Aspen Hill, Wheaton, Silver Spring, Friendhsip Heights, Old Town Alexandria, Bowie Town Center

Real Estate License #:
MD 648162

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Efua Hayford