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Steve White

Denver / Colorado
I'm a Denver native, so I really know the city... the neighborhoods, the schools, the great places to eat, shop, and explore. I love old houses (I've remodeled several), so I can help with any questions that might pop up when choosing that perfect home. I'm a Certified Negotiation Expert, a Senior Real Estate Specialist, and a Notary Public. I'm also a member of the Builder Realty Council, which brings new home builders together with area Realtors.

Served Neighborhoods:
Park Hill, Montclair, Hilltop, Mayfair, Capital Hill, Aurora, Commerce City, Lakewood, Evergreen, Georgetown, Idaho Springs, Thornton, Centennial, Highlands, Sunnyside, Downtown.

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Neighborhood Guides by Steve

Top 10 Neighborhood Amenities in Stapleton, Colorado

For more than 65 years, Stapleton served Denver as its international airport. In 1995, the airport was decommissioned and redeveloped into a new urban neighborhood. Although, at over 4700 acres, Stapleton is a giant neighborhood with housing at virtually every price point, as well as commercial and industrial developments. It's not surprising that Stapleton has been an overwhelming success. In many ways, Stapleton offers the best of all worlds. Every home is a new build, so they offer modern amenities and efficiencies. At the same time, the architecture borrows heavily from surrounding, older neighbors, in particular, Park Hill. So, many of the homes have front porches, with their garages accessible from back alleys. Multiple developers built homes on every block so as to avoid the cookie cutter look of many suburban developments. Wide sidewalks crisscross almost every street, making the area perfect for walking and saying, "hello," to neighbors. Two large retail developments, Northfield and Quebec Square, bring almost every suburban retailer into the city. Smaller retail strips evoke the neighborhood shopettes that are popular in surrounding neighborhoods, with coffee shops, wine and liquor, and mom & pop restaurants and shops. Of course, as a true city development, one of Stapleton's best features is it's easy access to most of the city. Downtown is ten minutes away, and popular destinations like DIA, Park Meadows, Boulder, and Colorado Mills are all less than a half hour away. And, soon a new rail line will connect Stapleton to downtown and DIA.

Top 10 Neighborhood Amenities in Park Hill In Denver, Colorado

Welcome the Park Hill. While over the years, it's changed to become a little more homogenized, it's still one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the city. Architecturally, the homes run from traditional tutors, craftsman, Denver Squares, to ranch-style houses, and more modern infill. The blocks closest to Colorado Boulevard are also part of an historic landmark designation. This is a neighborhood where you'll find very large homes on the boulevards and parkways, which neighbor smaller homes on the side streets. While people now recognize all of the good things about Park Hill, like the handy location, the architecture, the history, and the people, the homes prices still swing from the mid $200's on the north to over a million dollars for homes on the parkways and boulevards. Best of all, it has a handful of neighborhood commercial strips that are the essence of walkable neighborhoods.
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Steve White