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Evelyn Matsumoto

Las Vegas / Nevada
Evelyn Diza Matsumoto is a highly experienced Administrator for multiple fields including, but not limited to, the Staffing Agency, Residential Homes, Supervised and trained Medical Practice staff in Doctor’s Office, Supervised Home Health Agency Workflow, OASIS Coordinator/QA, marketing, regional sales director (credit restoration with FES), etc. She has proven skills in business management and implementation of work flow process and regulations for multiple industries. Evelyn has been in-charge in annual or as needed survey deficiency, plan of correction and letter correspondents in medical and staffing administration. Her skills have been instrumental in obtaining renewal of licenses close to denial, suspension or revocation of licenses from the bureau of licensing for residential facilities. She is also adept in all aspects of administration, organization, and supervision. Evelyn has been recognized by many organizations as an effective communicator, negotiator, resourceful and is a perceptive decision-maker. She is always motivated to improve herself in every way. She never stops yearning to grow and learn in the areas she is interested to get involved. She is very confident to be a part of one of the best real estate brokerage team in the business industry. She is proud of her accomplishments, her diverse background, dedication, honesty and integrity. She loves to help people meet their needs and reach their objectives. She is driven to work in real estate business in finding the right property that will meet the expectation of her clients. Finally, she is great with customer’s service, that their satisfaction and comfort is her best interest at heart.

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Evelyn Matsumoto