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Laurie Rogers

Jackson / Mississippi
Laurie Rogers is the agent that knows what's best for you. She can go on for hours telling you about her Real Estate experience, proficiency or professionalism. But the best thing about Laurie, is that she knows to cruise around this neighborhood blindfolded! She is knowledgeable about the Jackson Public School District, and about the local gourmet tendencies. She will help you relocate best.

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Top 19 Neighborhood Amenities in Greater Belhaven, Jackson, MS

Belhaven Neighborhood or "The Greater Belhaven Area", often simply called "Belhaven", is a neighborhood located in Jackson, Mississippi. Belhaven Neighborhood is named after Belhaven University, one of Jackson's oldest institutions of higher learning, the main campus of which is located on a forty-two acre plot of land within the neighborhood itself. Belhaven is a historic district and one of Jackson's oldest neighborhoods and cultural centers as well as home to many of the city's oldest houses and buildings. Not only home of the writer Eudora Welty, but as well many popular and successful locally owned businesses are located within Belhaven, including a number of restaurants, shops, stores, and a Bed and Breakfast inn. Once per year near the beginning of Autumn, Belhaven hosts "Bright Lights, Belhaven Nights", a neighborhood-wide festival and block party featuring food from a variety of local restaurants, music from local musicians and bands, and a variety of other entertainment, as well as a number of souvenir and street vendors. Belhaven is considered to be one of the most architecturally diverse neighborhoods in the United States. Nothing says welcome to Jackson like Belhaven!
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Laurie Rogers