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Keith Schmidt

Stevenson Ranch / California
I was born in Los Angeles (South bay area). I earned a degree in Urban Planning from Cal-Poly Pomona. In addition to understanding planning, demographics, transportation, entitlements, zoning, urban spaces, and land use, I have experience designing homes (architectural and structural), developing real estate projects from inception to completion, and creating energy efficient buildings. My education and professional work experience as well as my in-depth knowledge of Los Angeles (both from a native and professional prospective) make real estate a natural fit.
I am married with one daughter. We live in Stevenson Ranch California. We chose the Santa Clarita Valley because it is a family friendly place with great schools and plenty of family activities.
I enjoy sailing, SCUBA diving, and traveling.

What makes me unique among real estate professionals is my vision and my ability to learn and understand markets from macro to micro (neighborhoods) quickly. Furthermore, my enthusiasm is evident in the way I describe properties and give some background story to bring a life and excitement to a real estate product (to help market the key features that appeal to the client). In addition, I have a strong market and financial analytical ability, knowledge of planning, architecture, and structures, and win-win transaction attitude. My role is a trusted advisor to my clients. I also educate and help the client through the many decisions involved in buying and selling real estate.

Furthermore, I have a great deal of knowledge in energy efficiency and green building. My background and knowledge make me a unique Green Real Estate Professional. I have an extensive background, training, and certification as a Certified Energy Analyst, HERS (Home Energy Rating System) Rater, Green Point Rater, Energy Star Rater, and Building performance Analyst. Among my expertise are: Building durability and comfort, energy efficiency, alternative energy, and green loans and mortgages. My training and experience adds up to over 30 years experience in the real estate development and construction industry managing development, performing energy efficiency, engineering, and architectural design work. In addition, I walk the walk, I drive a Prius and was the first in my subdivision of over 4000 homes to adopt solar panels on my home.

I am your Green REALTOR. Green Realtors are individuals that have a strong knowledge and understanding of energy efficient and sustainable buildings and their value based on future energy savings. Since most homes were built prior to 1980 (the beginning of the modern energy efficiency code), there are many opportunities for homeowners to upgrade their existing home’s energy efficiency. There are private and public programs that will loan (ultra low interest rates) or give homeowners money to make their homes more energy efficient (and marketable). The future of real estate involves making existing housing stock more energy efficient, safe, health, and durable. A Realtor with in-depth knowledge of energy efficiency and the tools and process to transition those homes before, during, or after a real estate transaction is important to assure the highly-complex home purchase process goes quickly and smoothly.
While there are only a few studies done to date, the data shows that energy efficient homes sales faster and for higher sales prices than similar homes without the energy efficiency features / upgrades
Furthermore, recently, new homebuilders have started to build energy efficient homes with branded labels such as Energy Star. Energy Star homes are built to be 30 percent more energy efficient than the current energy code requires.

Real estate is a people business that helps them live their dream. First you need to understand the requirements of the client (listen) and how those requirements fit in the current real estate market. A superior sales agent knows every facet of the area he is selling (culture, schools, amenities, demographics, transportation logistics).
Real estate is about people. We are not only selling homes but forming lifelong relationships. A superior sales agent is also a trusted advisor who will advise the client based on what is best for their particular circumstances.

Served Neighborhoods:
Stevenson Ranch - 91381 Castaic Hillcrest - 91384 Castaic Live Oaks - 91384

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Keith Schmidt