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Simon Forrest

Oklahoma City / Oklahoma
Why choose Simon Forrest to represent you as a Real Estate Professional? The answer is quite simple: experience and knowledge about the real estate business. He enjoys the real estate transactions, meeting new people, and his main objective is to find you a home. Anyone can find a house, but it takes a true professional to feel their clients and to find them a home.

Neighborhood Guides by Simon

Top 16 Neighborhood Amenities in Automobile Alley, Oklahoma City

This Midtown neighborhood (also known as "A-Alley" for short) along Broadway Avenue in Northeast Downtown was a popular retail district in the 1920s and was home to most of Oklahoma City's car dealerships. The area declined with the rest of Downtown in the 1960s and 1970s. Today, there is a considerable effort to turn Automobile Alley into Oklahoma City's newest upscale urban neighborhood. Efforts to redevelop the area will transform the showrooms and storefronts of Automobile Alley into upscale lofts, galleries, and offices. Additional development plans are announced seemingly weekly, which will further enhance A-Alley's position as downtown's new chic and hip urban centre. Welcome to the coolest neighborhood in Oklahoma City, Automobile Alley!
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Simon Forrest