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David Locke

Wichita / Kansas
Greetings, dear customer. My name is David Locke, and I am wholeheartedly dedicated to finding your dream home. Whether you want to buy or sell, it doesn't matter, I'm the right person for you. Together we will achieve great things in the real estate business. My art and my education background are still not the things that make me your perfect agent, not quite yet. The real secret is my dedication, to you and to my work.

Neighborhood Guides by David

Top 20 Neighborhood Amenities in Southwest, Wichita

The beautiful Southwest neighborhood is located within the central business district of the original city of Wichita, and it still has preserved its roots, like the Westway Plaza Shopping Center, and as well as a high concentration of education institutions and local business. The Osage Park is that pictoresque nook where all the traffic and the noise of the big city stops, and nature kicks in. Discover the local amenities of the Southwest area now!
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David Locke