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Dorothy Marks

Madison / Wisconsin
Hello there, my name is Dorothy Marks and I am at your service. Let me tell you a little about myself. I have been a licensed real estate agent for quite a while now, and my job is as essential to me as breathing. You know what else is essential to me? Making my customers happy and getting them what they want. I will fight for you with every inch of my experience.

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Top 23 Neighborhood Amenities in Marquette, Madison

Madison's Marquette Neighborhood was designated by the American Planning Association, a Top 10 Great Neighborhood for 2013. The neighborhood is located on the near east side, is one of the city's oldest neighborhoods. Abundant in 19th century architectural styles as Greek Rivival, Italiante, Late Picturesque to Arts and Crafts Bungalows, makes this neighborhood the host of the most intact buildings of Madison's early history. But the greatest asset of this neighborhood is its landscaping and its picturesque. Whether you turn your head left or right, on one side you will lay eyes on a beautiful sunset over Lake Mendota, and in the opposite direction – Lake Monona. These two lakes twirl and keep the neighborhood fresh and beautiful. This guide will show you the most prominent sites in the neighborhood. Welcome to Marquette!
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Dorothy Marks