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Shane Moeller

Minneapolis / Minnesota
Shane Moeller has been a full time realtor most of his life and if you were to ask him what he'd rather do than be a real estate agent, then there's nothing he'd ever do, rather than serving his community and the people who want to join it, as he has been doing throughout his real estate career. He treats his clients like they are his family. You, and your estate, are safe in his experienced and capable hands.

Neighborhood Guides by Shane

Top 21 Neighborhood Amenities of Gateway District, Minneapolis

The Gateway District of Minneapolis is centered at the convergence of Hennepin Avenue, Nicollet Avenue and Washington Avenue. Its borders are not officially designated or recognized, unfortunately, but are visible as the Mississippi River to the Northeast. In the early years, the neighborhood was called “Bridge Square”, because it lay at the Southern foot of the Hennepin Avenue Bridge and it was the commercial hub and government seat of the growing city. This area still remains as the historic core of the city, although much of that history was demolished during the late 1950s. Now, Gateway District, boasts some of the city's finest examples of modern architecture and it is targeted by developers and planners, with more assets in store for the growing neighborhood. Welcome to Gateway District, you will love it here!
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Shane Moeller