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Ericka Moorer

Valley Stream / New York
As Real Estate professional I absolutely LOVE what I do everyday.
I wholeheartedly accept the fundamental responsibilities involved in the practice of Real Estate profession. I believe that no sale is a good sale unless both buyer and seller alike benefit from it. To my customers I ensure their lasting satisfaction with what they buy from me. I realize that this requires of me to have at all times a complete and up-to-date knowledge of my profession and it responsibilities. I renounce the doctrine of caveat emptor and stand ready to take responsibility for the soundness of every sale I make. I believe that as a consultant I owe an obligation to society as a missionary of higher standards of living. By doing an effective job, I teach people to live more comfortably and more enjoyable. To my clients (sellers) it is my responsibility and obligation to give them as much information and knowledge as possible so they can make an intelligent decision that will net the most money and the quickest sale with the fewest problems. To my profession of Real Estate, I owe an obligation to compete fairly and honestly. The salespeople who work for my competitors are entitled to be sure that I will not directly or by implication misrepresent their services or their practices, and that I will not engage in shady and underhanded selling practices. But I promise them a battle for every piece of business, none the less because it is clean. To the business community of which I am a part, and to the economic system under which I earn my living and in which I believe, I owe the obligation so to conduct myself that the general public will believe in and respect the integrity of the profession to which I belong, & of business in general.

Served Neighborhoods:
Nassau County, 5 Boros

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Ericka Moorer