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Jason Deming

Forest Grove / Oregon
I've had a wonderful ride in my first 15 years as a professional and believe the diversity in experience has only opened my eyes to new ideas, possibilities and desires to make positive changes that would have been hindered by a single job or 15 year career with one company. After 8 years in education, I shifted to other service oriented ventures starting with an Executive Recruiting role. The culmination of my recruiting and educational background has been rewarding and fulfilling. I can't imagine working in a position where I'm not able to converse and offer knowledge back to people so they too can attain whatever their dream, goal or objective might be.

Served Neighborhoods:
Portland, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Lake Oswego, Wilsonville, Oregon City, Forest Grove. Anything within 25 miles of the Portland Metro and the NW corner of the Oregon Coast.

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Neighborhood Guides by Jason

Top 10 Neighborhood Amenities in Beaverton and Hillsboro area, Oregon

Beaverton is located in Washington County. Its population is 89,803 (according to the 2010 census). This makes Beaverton the second-largest city in the county and Oregon's sixth-largest city. The development of an electronics industry which includes multiple Intel sites and the headquarters for Nike, have been instrumental in Beaverton's growth. The public transportation is incredible including the MAX light rail line running through the heart of Beaverton.
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Jason Deming