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Kenneth Myer

Reno / Nevada
In order to be a successful professional real estate agent one is required to have certain qualities and skills like integrity, negotiation skills, community and market knowledge, the ability to listen and communicate efficiently, and a professional network. I take all of these seriously in my line of work so that I could help buyers and sellers reach an agreement. My abilities to listen and understand my clients concerns and attention for details allow me to achieve the goals of all my clients. In my experience I got to know that putting the clients first is the way to offer the best service.

Neighborhood Guides by Kenneth

Top 13 Neighborhood Amenities of Wells Avenue, Reno, NV

This neighborhood is a mix of old and new. The residential areas go from little stick houses to brick homes. The neighborhood has a large number of restaurants and many stores that cater to the Hispanic population. Some parts of the area still maintain the look and feel of the working class neighborhood that it used to be. Take this guide to visit the top 13 most prominent sites of the neighborhood.
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Kenneth Myer