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Susan Cahill

Phoenix / Arizona
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Neighborhood Guides by Susan

Top 16 Neighborhood Amenities of Sunnyslope, Phoenix, AZ

This is a general overview of Sunnyslope a neighborhood that was settled by poor tuberculants who were travelling to the west for the drier climate and the cleaner air. The population of Sunnyslope represents the most diverse socio-economic neighborhoods of Phoenix. In fact, many of the wealthiest and most politically active persons (past mayors, council members, and business leaders) in the valley and many of the most financially vulnerable in the Phoenix area live in Sunnyslope. Lincoln Learning Center, a nationally accredited child development and learning facility is located in the neighborhood. In April 2011, Sunnyslope was the featured community for the Modern Phoenix Home Tour, shedding light on the number of prominent architects and other creative individuals who have chosen to develop (and live in) properties in the community. Take this guide to get acquainted with the top 16 amenity sites in the neighborhood.
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Susan Cahill