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HoodPad helps you explore and compare neighborhoods you consider settling in. Our guides showcase such neighborhood amenities like: schools and child cares, shopping centers, restaurants and cafes, entertainment and recreation venues, medical facilities, as well as the housing stocks in the area.

For most home buyers, the process of searching for a new home begins with finding the right neighborhood to live in. While there is neighborhood data available on the internet, no amount of information can replace a personal visit to a place which you may call home in the coming years. Created by real estate professionals who live and work in these neighborhoods, HoodPad's guides point out the right places for you to visit while scouting a neighborhood so that you do not miss anything important.

Download the neighborhood guides from the HoodPad website or by using the HoodPad mobile app (coming soon) on your iOS/Android phone or tablet. With the HoodPad mobile app, you can create your own self-guided tours and easily visit the places suggested in our neighborhood guides. Should you have questions about a neighborhood, you can contact the guide authors directly.

HoodPad has made exploring a new neighborhood easier than ever!

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